Wall panel - Milo - Z - Gold (Klemp) - Deco
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Wall panel - Milo - Z - Gold (Klemp) Wall panel - Milo - Z - Gold (Klemp) Wall panel - Milo - Z - Gold (Klemp) Wall panel - Milo - Z - Gold (Klemp) Wall panel - Milo - Z - Gold (Klemp) Wall panel - Milo - Z - Gold (Klemp) Wall panel - Milo - Z - Gold (Klemp) Wall panel - Milo - Z - Gold (Klemp) Wall panel - Milo - Z - Gold (Klemp)

Wall panel - Milo - Z - Gold

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103.9 x 270 cm (W x H)

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Why slat walls from KLEMP?

Real wood panels in the form of vertical lamellas are an absolute hit in interior design and public spaces. Wooden wall panels are made of MDF in jointless system with wood effect veneer. Their structure makes them look light and elegant at the same time. They look best in modern minimalist interiors or retro style arrangements.

Bring modern design! Design!
into your interior!
Increase the comfort
Wall slats visually enlarge the space, which has a positive effect on our sense of space. They also warm the environment and contrast with other decorative elements. In addition, they improve the acoustics of the room.
Fits anywhere you want
Improves the acoustics in your interior space
Visually increases the size of the room



Installation of our wall paneling is quick and does not require much skill. The instructions are easy to read and offer different methods of installation

Step 1

Before installation, the wall or other surface must be prepared. For wallpapered walls, we recommend removing the wallpaper. Mounting is possible on concrete and brick walls, plaster walls or wood-like walls.

Step 2

To shorten the wall panels, use a circular or scroll saw.

Step 3

Apply an appropriate amount of adhesive to the back of the slats.

Step 4

The wall panels can be fixed both vertically and horizontally. Instead of glue, you can use hand or hammer tacker. The staple should be placed on the edge so that they are invisible.

Step 5

When joining the slats, make sure that the edges of the slats are in the correct position to create a seamless slat wall.

Step 6

For an aesthetic finish, use the appropriate finishing strips.

The color
of lamellas for all

Technical data

Wall slat : :
Width: 12,2 cm
Height: 270 cm

Let yourself be inspired by
the visualizations

Data sheet

Delivery range
103.9 x 270 cm (W x H)
Premium Wall Panel
270 cm

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