MDF slats Standard

MDF slats Standard

MDF slats Standard



Wall laths are a row of vertically evenly spaced side by side slats permanently attached to a decorative panel or directly to the wall. Klemp wall laths are made of MDF, imitating the form and color of real wood. It is a mistake to compare the laths to the once fashionable wainscoting. This is because laths usually cover one wall, or only parts of it. Attaching slats to all walls does not bring a satisfactory visual effect and optically reduces the room.


MDF wall laths look best in modern, spacious interiors. They are perfect for juxtaposition with various structures and materials: wood, brick, marble or raw concrete. The choice of laths in natural wood colors allows you to harmoniously introduce natural colors and materials into monochromatic interiors.

MDF wall laths look great in the living room, bedroom or study. They are also increasingly used in office spaces, such as reception areas. Installation of the laths is quick, and the aesthetic effect is immediate. The laths are characterized by durability and ease of care, but it is worth watching out for moisture, as the laths are not completely waterproof.


Material - the charm of wood slats, like all elements made of wood, is related to the raw material used. Different species of wood have a unique structure, which helps to create unusual arrangements. A wide selection of our materials allows you to choose slats that match the character of the interior.

Acoustic and thermal properties - a partition equipped with wall laths perfectly disperses sound, so we can enjoy greater comfort in our home. An additional layer of wood on the walls also has a positive effect on keeping the heat inside.

Usefulness - in addition to aesthetic value, wood laths can be used as partition walls, dividers, ceilings or a combination of all the above functions. This is a creative way to separate intimate spaces from large areas.

Flexibility and durability - MDF is a material that, with proper maintenance, can last for decades in good shape. Its flexibility means that we don't have to worry about the slats cracking and/or deforming under the influence of vibration or temperature.

Versatility - the timeless charm of wood makes MDF wall laths work well as a finishing touch in both traditional settings and modern, loft-style settings.

Low cost - MDF wall laths do not need to cover the entire wall to transform the look of a room. All you need is just a few slats, which can be easily attached by hand. This is a big saving that affects the relatively low cost of the entire investment.


The most popular way to place the laths is to attach them directly to the wall or ceiling. With this we can not only enliven the design of the room, but also make an optical division into smaller zones.


Partition walls

Small, openwork partitions made of laths are ideal for visually and physically separating any areas in large rooms. Such walls will become a serious competitor for traditional solutions - both aesthetically and practically.

Living room

MDF wall laths will perfectly fit into both classic and modern arrangements. They will perfectly match the natural elements of Scandinavian decor, as well as technical accents, characteristic of the industrial style.


It is a good idea to use MDF wall fins in the kitchen. In addition to creating an interesting decoration for the wall, we can use the slats to organize with pegs and hooks the space intended for storing kitchen accessories.