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Rotating panels

Rotating panels

Rotating panels

Rotating panels

Rotating slats are a modern solution designed for dividing and defining areas of the room. They combine functionality with aesthetics, providing the possibility of creating interesting arrangements in homes and offices. The mechanism allowing the rotation of the slats proves effective in light regulation and ensures privacy by fully covering the area. In our store, you will find rotating slats available in popular colours, and each of them can be customised to your specifications.

A wall made of rotating slats for dividing rooms.

By opting for a wall of rotating slats, you gain the ability to easily adapt the space to current needs. With it, you can easily create zones within the room, allowing you to change its functions. You therefore gain control over the amount of light entering individual zones or can make certain part of the interior invisible. This allows the creation of ideal conditions for work, relaxation, household tasks or meetings.

For example, you can transform a living room with a kitchenette into a guest room in a matter of seconds, where kitchen appliances won't be visible in the background. In contrast, you will provide more of the light you need for food preparation in your daily life.

Of course, a wall made of rotating slats will certainly not only work well at home. In offices or study rooms, you can create space for meeting clients or for focused work. In this way, you can separate a storage area for office equipment, a place to make phone calls or for work in more concentration or introduce a simple open space division to reduce noise. When you fully close the slats, the sound is also blocked by the wall to some extent.

What are the characteristics of vertical Rotating panels?

Rotating slats have many features in common with walls of openwork, which are also used to divide rooms. Both products can be installed in any place easily. They allow the space to be arranged in an interesting way. When installed in a small-sized room, they can also visually increase the room's height.

Furthermore, vertical rotary slats offer even more possibilities. Above all, they allow you to control the access of light and create a partition for a specific area of the interior, while being extremely easy to use. Thanks to a smooth mechanism, all the slats rotate simultaneously, both to the left side and to the right one. This allows you to close off a zone that you don't want to expose, in literally seconds, and you don't have to put any effort into it. When closed, the rotating slats gently overlap, creating an aesthetically pleasing and cohesive pattern that provides elegance and a unique character to the interior.

Mounting of Rotating panels

Products from our offer are intended for self-assembly. The process is extremely easy and consists of three steps. Firstly, connect the slats using the supplied pins and screws, ensuring proper alignment, meaning the rotating mechanism. Next, you will need to position the rotating slats wall in the right place and position, and to drill the mounting points. Finally, simply mount everything to the floor and ceiling using mounting adhesive and expansion dowels. This way of mounting for rotating slats allows for a quick completion of work without much mess.

Vertical rotating slats in the offer of the Tube Fittings

By choosing rotating slats from the Tube Fittings, you are investing in a solution that not only elegantly divides space but also provides control over the light and privacy in your home or office. Our products are available in a variety of colours, we also customise every slats wall efficiently to the size specified in the order. Look at our full range of slats and louvers and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.