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Prefabricated openwork walls

Prefabricated openwork walls

Prefabricated openwork walls

Industrial Room Divider - A Striking Statement Piece

If you're looking to revamp your private or commercial spaces or transform your home garden, our industrial room dividers are the perfect solution. With a stylish room divider, you can visually separate different areas and create privacy with ease, without compromising on space or natural light. If you want something truly unique, our freestanding slat room dividers are the ideal choice for you. With simple tools, you can completely transform the look of your business premises, practice, office, or private space. Our comprehensive kits for a sleek and contemporary room divider provide everything you need to build your own freestanding slat partition wall. The assembly process is straightforward and accompanied by detailed instructions. Additionally, our wooden slat room dividers serve as both a decorative element and a privacy screen, allowing you to visually separate distinct areas in a truly distinctive way.

Endless Design Possibilities for Ultimate Flexibility

A freestanding wooden slat room divider can be placed anywhere it's needed. There are two options to secure the wooden room divider in place. You can use special adhesive to glue the slats to the floor, or alternatively, attach them firmly using dedicated floor anchors. This ensures that the slats stay in place exactly where you want them. Our wooden slat room dividers are available in various colors, finishes, and sizes. They effortlessly complement any look and seamlessly enhance the aesthetic appeal of any space.

Separate Areas and Create Privacy with Style

Our slat room dividers are perfect for keeping unwanted views at bay and creating privacy in specific areas. You have different options for the orientation of the slats. A vertical wooden slat privacy screen is set up in an upright position, while a horizontal slat partition wall offers a completely different visual effect with its lying slats. Building your own wooden slat room divider is achievable for anyone with our ready-to-assemble kits! You don't need specialized tools or exceptional craftsmanship skills.

Choose from a Variety of Colors to Suit Your Preferences

Our offered sets for wooden slat partition walls always include all the necessary parts for assembly. You'll receive high-quality MDF slats in different finishes and colors, along with all the required screws. Our freestanding slat room dividers are available in two different slat widths: 2.2x7 cm or 2.2x9 cm. The height of your freestanding wooden slat room divider is customizable. Specify your desired height when placing the order to adapt it to your specific needs and space.

Effortless Assembly for a Quick Room Transformation

Redesign shops, private rooms, offices, and all other spaces with a stylish wooden slat room divider from our collection. You'll be amazed at how the appearance of the room dramatically changes with the addition of a wooden slat partition wall.

Room Divider Ideas - Build Your Own Wooden Slat Room Divider

A wooden slat partition wall can be used in versatile ways. If you need to separate waiting areas in a doctor's office or any other business premises, a wooden room divider is the perfect solution. In outdoor spaces, a wooden slat privacy fence can protect you from the prying eyes of curious neighbors. Vertical wooden slat privacy screens don't block out natural light, making them an excellent choice for small gardens, as they won't make the space feel smaller. An interior wooden slat partition wall can provide privacy for visitors without creating a sense of confinement.