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Premium wall panels

Premium wall panels

Premium wall panels

Your interior is perfect, but it is still missing something? Are you a sauna lover and would like to finally make your own sauna in the garden very special? Premium wood panel wall cladding is the solution! Wood panels are easy to install, and their variability is sure to add that something to any room. Whether you have a smaller room, prefer a simple interior, prefer modern or classic, or want your sauna to be something special - with premium wood wall trim from Klempa, everyone will get what makes their four walls unforgettable. Choose from a variety of color patterns and enjoy the individuality that you can transform into very unique creations of your own.

Product Description - Premium Wall Panels

The new collection from Klempa offers wooden wall panels made of environmentally friendly polystyrene. Premium wall panels can be purchased in Olmo, Asti, Vasco and Milo styles. Polystyrene is a plastic that is made from 80% recycled material and is itself 100% recyclable. When you buy premium wood trim wall panels, not only do you get a distinctive look in your property, but you also relieve the environment!

The Klemp premium wall trim collection is available in a range of modern colors. If you are unsure of the color patterns and style, you can also easily get a sample set from Klemp. This way, you can first try out wood panels in different colors and collections at home and see which wood panels best suit your style.

An optional trim can be ordered for each premium wood cladding collection. They are available in two versions - right-sided or left-sided.

Premium wall panel set includes 9 pieces of wood panels from the collection of your choice. Delivery will be made within 5 - 10 days after ordering the Premium paneling wall.

All wood panels have the following dimensions:

Width: 122 mm
Depth: 12 mm
Length: 270 cm

Below is a brief description of each Premium wall panel collection:


Wood panels from the Olmo collection are perfect for minimalist rooms that require a universal and timeless decoration. Olmo wall panels perfectly emphasize the distinctive character of smooth and simple interiors. At the same time, the wood panels can be perfectly combined with modern furniture and decorations.


Wood slat wall panels from the Vasco collection are characterized by the exceptional width of individual wood slats. This leads to a significant simplification of interior design, as well as the definition of room zones. Vasco wood panels offer a striking 3D look and can be used both as wood wall panels and as a wood slatted ceiling.


The Milo wood lamella wall panel offers alternating narrow and wide wood lamellas to create a spectacular optical effect. Wood panels from the Milo collection are particularly suitable for very simply decorated rooms. The spectacular visual effect of wood panel wall cladding turns the simplest interior into an eye-catching object.


Wood panel wall cladding from the Asti collection will give your walls a unique lightness with a modern character. Asti wood panel is very subtle, so it is ideal for smaller rooms.

Advantages of premium wood panel wall

- Acoustic insulation

Sound insulation is provided by a high-quality, environmentally friendly material with the appearance of real wood. Klemp wood panels are therefore ideal for creating a calm and relaxing room with a good feeling. Due to its optimal texture, wood slat wall cladding is perfect for any space - whether in a hotel, bar, restaurant, office, commercial space or simply at home.

- Thermal properties and water resistance

Wood panel wall cladding from the Premium collection is also perfect for use in a sauna. You can safely use the wood panels as wood fence slats and wood wall cladding inside in your self-built sauna. The polystyrene wood slats are resistant to water splashes and offer optimal thermal properties, so your sauna will be perfect.

How are the premium wood panels attached?

Installation of wood panel wall cladding is very easy, even for non-professionals. You only need additional mounting glue, which you can also order from the Klemp online store. Mark on the wall the places where you want to fix the premium wood panels. Apply enough mounting glue to the back side of the wooden cladding wall. Now press the Premium Wood Panels onto the previously marked spot on the wall and measure the accuracy with a level. You can still move the wood panels, as long as the mounting glue has not dried out. If you are satisfied, you can now move on to the remaining wood panels. Once done, enjoy the extraordinary shine of your wall decoration.