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Create a modern room design with MDF wallmoldings, acoustic wood wall moldings or wood privacy moldings. Benefit not only from an inviting and modern wall covering, but also from improved room acoustics. Thanks to the simple installation, you can easily arrange the wooden panels one by one and thus create your own individual design for a pleasant atmosphere in your home.

What are MDF wood slats?

MDF wood s lats are medium-density fiberboards that are set up and manufactured to generate both the shape and color of real wood. Klemp wall lamellas can be individually trimmed and shortened. The wood slats consist of horizontally and vertically stacked longer wood slats that can be permanently attached directly to the wall or to wood or drywall. Good stability and sustainable production make MDF wood panels a popular wall covering for wood slats. Due to its specially processed and compressed form, MDF wood boards are much more resistant than other wood boards. The wood slats have a foiled surface and are suitable for humid environments, as well as being resistant to water splashes, which also makes them ideal for sauna paneling. Klemp wall moldings can be used to cover entire walls and sections of walls, creating a decorative look of real wood that is eye-catching.

MDF wall slats - a modern DEKO for every taste.

Klemp wall slats are, in their variety, the perfect DEKO choice for every taste. The wood-look wall panel ing is available in a variety of wood colors. The different shades of brown Klemp slat wall offer both light and dark tones to match any modern wall covering. The black slat wall is a modern classic that is always popular in offices or living rooms.

Whether you need a new look for your living rooms, offices or saunas. MDF wall moldings are suitable as a modern wall trim for any interior and offer a noble and harmonious look.

Simple installation with the included mounting glue offers uncomplicated self-installation of the slatted wood at the desired intervals. An individual wall of DEKO slats provides the perfect wood look that matches the rest of your interior. The surface of the MDF wood panels is easy to clean with a duster, is lightweight and scratch-resistant. High durability guaranteed!

Interior wall made of MDF paneling - top qualities and natural look of wood

MDF wood laths can be installed both horizontally as wood panels and vertically as lamellar wall wood, so they offer many individual and unique decorative possibilities. Klemp wall slats offer many advantages in interior design:

- Natural wood look

Klemp's MDF wood s lats look like real wood slats thanks to their texture and high-quality veneer. The unique 3D structure of the wooden slats contributes to extraordinary decorative effects. Choose from a variety of wood colors, such as brown wall m olding or black wall molding, and give your rooms an extraordinary character that will perfectly match the rest of your interior style.

- Sound insulation as an acoustic attraction

Klemp wall laths provide superior sound insulation. Wooden slats for partition walls are also wooden slats for acoustic walls and give a high level of comfort by reducing noise. When installing the wooden slats, care should be taken to ensure that they are positioned correctly to achieve the best noise protection effect.

- Durability and flexibility

MDF wood slats provide a high level of durability due to their scratch-, temperature- and water-resistant surface. They are very easy to clean with a duster and permanently retain their wooden appearance. As a result, Klemp wall slats are dimensionally stable and are not subject to deformation or cracking.

- DEKO's timeless slat wall and versatile applications

Klemp wall laths can be used as room dividers wood laths, partitions wood laths or privacy screens wood laths. They also work well as wall and ceiling cladding, and are ideal for lining saunas. The look of real wood provides a timeless appeal - perfect for any style, whether traditional or modern.

- Value for money that delivers on its promise

Thanks to their relatively affordable price, Klemp MDF wall moldings are a popular choice for interior decoration. Because you don't need to line an entire wall to achieve a unique effect. Just a few wooden slats can create the perfect look and completely change the appearance of your rooms. No matter which DEKO you choose, Klemp wall moldings are sure to create an individual style worth noticing.