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Aluminium Tubes

Aluminium Tubes

Aluminium Tubes

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Aluminum - what is it?

After iron, aluminum is the most widely used metal, even though it was discovered only 200 years ago. Bauxite is probably the most widely used aluminum ore in industry. It was discovered in 1821 in Les Baux-de-Provence in the south of France.

In the south of France, where it got its name. The composition consists of about 60% aluminum hydroxide and about 30% iron oxide and silicon.

Where is aluminum found?

Aluminum is the most common metal in the Earth's crust. However, due to its base nature, it is not found in its natural form, but almost exclusively as aluminum ore in bound form.

As with steel, it is, of course, possible to adjust this lightweight metal accordingly. During production, the so-called aluminum alloy is combined with other elements through alloying. Once the desired alloy properties are obtained, aluminum is then cast into solid form. After appropriate processing, it can then be further processed into sheet metal, profiles or other semi-finished products, for example.

Steel and aluminum are materials with excellent properties, which in turn makes them the most important metals in the metal industry.

Due to its material properties, aluminum is very lightweight and can therefore be easily machined, sawed, sawed, ground and polished, and with the right accessories it can also be welded well.

In the production of pipes, aluminum is pressed into a tubular form using an extrusion process, so our products are seamless pipes.

The material is an aluminum-magnesium-silicon (AlMgSi) alloy and is the most widely used aluminum alloy in the long products sector.

Aluminum tubing - from your Tubefittings specialist, can very well be painted, powder-coated or foiled, in addition to being anodized or anodized.

The material is not suitable for magnetization.

Thanks to the self-formation of the oxide layer in the air, round aluminum tubes are protected from further environmental influences in a very short time.

environmental influences. Since they do not need additional corrosion protection, they can withstand even the most adverse weather conditions for a long time.

Application of aluminum round tubes

Thanks to their geometry, our aluminum tubes have a high degree of stability and yet are extremely lightweight. They are used in many different professional industries, as well as in the home, apartment or garden.

or garden. Because it is considered a very versatile and modern building block, aluminum round pipe is suitable for many professional applications.

is suitable for many professional applications. Whether for hobbyists in the outdoors or at home, or for professional applications, here are some examples:

  • as piping
  • for exhibition stands and booths
  • for the construction of frames for tables, bookcases, benches and other furniture
  • for railings on balconies, terraces and stairs
  • for various applications in the construction of machinery and equipment
  • in model-making - especially for model airplanes

Aluminum as a material

Aluminum is a lightweight metal, but nevertheless very resistant and is often used in mechanical engineering.

It is also

  • resistant to corrosion
  • ease of machining - such as drilling, sawing, filing, machining, ...
  • depending on the type of profile, easy to bend into shape or dimensionally stable
  • suitable for optical processing - such as polishing or brushing
  • requires little maintenance and is easy to clean
  • good electrical conductivity
  • good thermal conductivity
  • suitable for food contact

Whether you are just a hobbyist or a professional craftsman, our aluminum tubes are versatile and can be used in many areas, such as indoors and outdoors as pipelines, fences, railings, furniture, fair structures or in the food industry.

Buying aluminum tubes

At Tubefittings, your pipe specialist, we have a large selection of aluminum and steel pipes, as well as in black in various material thicknesses and diameters, which you can choose from a variety of cut lengths.

At our aluminum pipe store - your #1 choice for aluminum pipes, you can search, select, order online and buy the right aluminum pipes from the comfort of your home or office.

Our team is always at your service with their expertise and knowledge of pipes - especially in the field of steel and aluminum pipes and hot-formed sections.

We are, of course, at your disposal for questions, possible special productions or consulting support. Feel free to contact us at any time by phone, e-mail, contact form or directly on site. Our experts will provide you with expert advice and always offer customer and solution-oriented support.

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