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Composite facade panels

Composite facade panels

Composite facade panels

Composite facade panels


Are you looking for an interesting solution to finish the exterior walls of your building? Opt for aesthetically looking composite facade panels. This solution makes it possible to create a unique facade, combining the natural charm of wood with extraordinary resistance to changing weather conditions.


Original and aesthetically looking finish of a facade


The main advantage of composite facade panels is their great appearance. Their finish perfectly imitates natural wood, bringing a unique, warm atmosphere to your facade. We offer a variety of patterns and colors, ranging from walnut to other shades such as chestnut, platinum and golden oak to suit your individual preferences.


Durability of composite facade panels


Facade composite is produced of wood flour and a plastic called polyethylene. This combination creates a structure of exceptional resilience. Composite facade panels are resistant to rotting, decay, an impact of insects and mold.


An additional coating on the surface of a panel provides protection against stains, tarnishing, color loss and UV rays. What is more, the ongoing cleaning of dust and dirt is no trouble at all. This is ideal for those looking for a material that will maintain its aesthetics and durability for many years without extensive maintenance.


Easy to assemble and universally applicable


Thanks to their easy assembly, panels can be used for both exterior facades and interior walls. They can assembled on a variety of substrates, such as concrete, wooden and polystyrene-insulated walls, as well as on lightweight modular structures. Little experience is needed to assemble them, and all the components fit eachother perfectly. This makes composite facade panels a solution for a wide variety of designs, whether for private buildings, commercial, or industrial buildings.


Additional elements of composite facade panels


In our shop you will find composite facade panels in four colors, as well as matching accessories. It is worth bearing in mind at the stage of an order. These are, namely:

  • corners for composite panels,
  • corner connectors,
  • ground beams,
  • mounting screws.


All of these elements allow for quick and trouble-free assembly. You will be guided through all the steps by the detailed manual attached to the product. Depending on the finish of the wall, you may also need additional tools such as a concrete impact drill, a screw gun, a level, a saw with a fine-toothed blade or an angle grinder.


Composite facade panels at


We encourage you to shop at, where we not only offer composite facede panels, but also necessary equipment for them. When you choose our products, you can count on superior durability and aesthetics. If you need support in selecting accessories or calculating the quantity needed, we encourage you to contact us. We offer attractive discounts for wholesale customers. Choose composite facade panels at and give your facade a unique character.