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MDF slats Classic

MDF slats Classic

MDF slats Classic

Klemp's MDF CLASSIC wood moldings can be installed as wood moldings vertically or also horizontally perfectly suited to any style. It doesn't matter if you are looking for a new flair for your commercial buildings or also for rooms in your home - Klemp wall mouldings are suitable for stylish and classic, but also modern wall decoration. Thanks to their sound-absorbing and thermal properties, the wall lamellas create a pleasant atmosphere in any situation. Lamella wood wall cladding can be installed at different intervals, with CLASSIC slats also available in 13 different colors. You can easily design your individual creations and give your rooms that certain something.

How are CLASSIC wood slats fixed?

1. matching wall color

Paint the wall to which you want to attach CLASSIC slats in a matching color. A dark wall color (shades of gray or black) is recommended as a background for the appearance of the wooden slats.

2. mark the position of the wooden slats

Using a thin marker pen, mark the correct position where you want to place the first wall strip.

Note: All subsequent wall moldings will be affected by the position of your first molding.

3. applying mounting glue to the wall moldings

The mounting glue is now applied to the back of the wooden slats. Now carefully glue the wooden molding to the place you previously marked on the wall.

4. check the position

Check whether the wooden slats have been placed straight vertically or horizontally. It is best to use a level for this purpose. If you are not satisfied, you still have a chance to correct the position before the glue dries.

5. keep your distance

When the first wall strip is in place and you are satisfied, you can now mark the next wall strip positions on the wall. Another wooden strip is perfect for measuring the proper distance.

6. fix all the remaining wooden slats

Continue with all the wall moldings exactly as described. Always ensure the same distance between the Klemp wall moldings and enjoy a great modern makeover in your room at the end.

Product Description - MDF CLASSIC Slats

Klemp CLASSIC MDF wall trim set consists of 17 pieces of wooden trim. The wood wall paneling slats are made of MDF material. MDF stands for medium-density fiberboard and is a wood-based material that is mainly made of bark-free softwood. MDF gives the same visual and functional effect as real wood. Wood slats are supplied without mounting glue. It must be purchased separately. Once ordered, they are shipped within 5 to 10 days.

Klemp CLASSIC wall molding consists of 4D veneers. This means that all the moldings consist of 4 layers of MDF. This processing results in optimal thermal and acoustic properties.

CLASSIC wood slats are available in 13 different colors, such as oak wood slats and black wood slats. However, if you are unsure before buying, you can also test the wood-look wall paneling at home first. You have the option of requesting a sample. You will then receive a small piece of wood trim in your favorite color, and you can use it at home to see if the color you choose matches the furnishings. Once you have decided on a color sample, you can order your CLASSIC wood moldings with a clear conscience.

Klemp CLASSIC wall moldings

Height - 275 cm
Width - 30 mm
Depth - 40 mm

What are the areas of application for Klemp CLASSIC wall moldings?

Thanks to the natural look of wood, as well as the flexibility of installation, the MDF Klemp CLASSIC wall strip has many possible applications.

Living rooms and work areas:

Klemp lamella wall covering can be perfectly integrated into all living rooms, as well as workplaces. Whether it's bedrooms, living rooms, children's rooms or offices, wall m oldings catch the eye and give the interior that certain touch. In addition, wooden moldings visually enlarge the room, so they are also ideal for smaller rooms.

Sound insulation for your own four walls:

Additional sound insulation is provided by the 4D veneers of the wall moldings. Your rooms are thus acoustically isolated, and whether you play an instrument or just like silence - the acoustic wall lamellae wood slats provide some noise protection for you and your neighbors.

Room divider lamellae wood:

Klemp wall slats are perfect for use as room dividers. Wooden screen slats ensure that enough light enters through the gaps and your rooms get a friendly and inviting atmosphere.