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Thermowood facade laths

Thermowood facade laths

Thermowood facade laths

ThermoWood façade slats

ThermoWood exterior timber slats are the perfect choice if you dream of a beautiful and natural façade finish. Manufactured from natural Nordic pine wood and heat-treated, they guarantee durability and maintain an aesthetic appearance for many years. It is not only a decoration, but also a conscious choice of environmentally friendly material.

Timber façade slats - warmth and modern design

ThermoWood exterior slats are not only practical, but also provide a way to emphasise the modern character of the building. ThermoWood products are distinguished by the beautiful grain of the wood, allowing the aesthetics of the facade to be customised by applying an oiled coating to emphasise the grain texture, or by painting in the colour of your choice. However, even without additional maintenance, the ThermoWood façade slats look just as special on their own and are resistant to moisture. An additional advantage of products made from this raw material is the reduced thermal conductivity, which has some positive effects on the insulation of the building.

Long-term durability thanks to thermal wood treatment

Thermally modified wood makes ThermoWood exterior slats moisture-resistant. As a result, they maintain constant dimensions and do not deform, retaining their original shape. This solution guarantees that the ThermoWood timber façade will impress for a long time. What's more, they can cope perfectly with changing weather conditions and high temperatures, so you don't have to worry about possible resin stains.

Easy installation of façade slats

ThermoWood products are designed for efficient and easy installation. They can be used as vertical or horizontal façade slats, fixed at an angle or serve as a roof soffit. Overlapping the slats is a simple and intuitive process. However, the installation to the building surface should be done using joists.

Environmentally friendly timber exterior slats

ThermoWood exterior wood slats not only look beautiful, but are also a good choice for environmental reasons. Produced from Nordic pine sourced from areas in northern Finland, they are PEFC certified, confirming this ecological compliance with sustainable forest management.

But this is not the only reason in favour of this ecological approach. The thermal treatment of the wood makes the raw material very durable. As a result, ThermoWood façade slats will decorate the walls for many years without the need for impregnation, after which they can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner like ordinary wood.

ThermoWood - resistant wood façade slats

ThermoWood exterior slats are an excellent example, proving that natural materials can combine aesthetics, durability and ecology at the same time. They are ideal for finishing the walls of buildings, giving them a pleasingly modern feel. They can also be used in interiors. Timber slats perfectly meet expectations in terms of functionality and aesthetics. Take a look at our full collection of ThermoWood timber slats.