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Welcome to Tubefittings.eu - your specialist and consultant in the selection of appropriate and high-quality pipe connections and aluminum structures

Today, pipe fittings are needed and used in many areas.

Pipe couplings are used, among others for the installation of load-bearing structures such as scaffolding, guiding and protection components such as handrails, railings and fall protection, as well as other auxiliary structures.

Pipe fittings are used:

  • in construction for the production of auxiliary structures and substructures (such as formwork), barriers, guiding and protection elements, and in the construction of scaffolding and formwork
  • in event technology (fair construction, exhibition construction,
  • stage technology) and for the erection of temporary structures
  • in film and television production (set design, lighting technology ...)
  • in industry for the creation of workplaces and production plants
  • in craftsmanship in workshop equipment and in store equipment

Pipe connecting elements, or pipe couplings for short, are used to connect square and round pipes. Most of the connecting elements are detachable again, so they can be used repeatedly and do not require pre-treatment of the material as is often necessary in welding, soldering and threading, for example.

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