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  • MDF slats Freestanding
  • Prefabricated openwork walls
  • Thermowood facade laths
  • Thermowood timber laths

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Prefabricated openwork walls

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MDF slats Freestanding

Thermowood facade laths

Welcome to Klemp, your specialist dealer for pipe fittings and more!

Our core business continues to be the distribution of competitively priced Klemp pipe fittings, pipe supports and connectors. Our products are a low-priced and high-quality alternative to branded products such as Kee Klamp, Kee Lite and Kee Safety. Our pipe fittings are available in many variants. In our pipe connector shop, we offer over 100 different types of fittings in many sizes and colors that we distribute throughout Europe. With their help, steel or aluminium pipes are assembled entirely without welding, drilling or threading.

Our range includes the following product categories: 

- Pipe connections: T-pieces, Elbow pieces, round, square and rectangular foot plates, extension pieces, single and double joint pieces, joint feet, angle joints, expanders, three-way corner pieces, cross pieces, handrail brackets, joint eyes, adjusting rings with spigots or hooks, connectors as grid brackets, wall brackets, pipe brackets, various fasteners.

- Tubes: aluminium tubes, steel tubes galvanised, black or powder coated, aluminium and steel tubes square or round, with different wall thicknesses (2 mm; 2.5 mm; 2.9 mm; 2.35 mm; 2.65 mm; 3 mm; 3.25 mm; 3.65 mm) and sizes (½", ¾", 1", 1¼", 1½", 2").

These are the 10 reasons why it is worth working with Klemp:

  1. Fast and professional service
  2. Enthusiastic and customer-oriented team
  3. Expert advice
  4. Individual approach
  5. Fast delivery
  6. Europe-wide distribution
  7. Guarantee of an optimal price-performance ratio
  8. Wide assortment and large stock
  9. Well-organised online shop and clear website
  10. Attractive conditions for large customers

Vertial Handrails
Banner frames
Openwork walls
Structures made of pipe joints