Wall Mounted Banner Aluminium Tension Frame (Klemp) - Advertising
Wall Mounted Banner Aluminium Tension Frame (Klemp) Wall Mounted Banner Aluminium Tension Frame (Klemp) Wall Mounted Banner Aluminium Tension Frame (Klemp) Wall Mounted Banner Aluminium Tension Frame (Klemp) Wall Mounted Banner Aluminium Tension Frame (Klemp) Wall Mounted Banner Aluminium Tension Frame (Klemp) Wall Mounted Banner Aluminium Tension Frame (Klemp) Wall Mounted Banner Aluminium Tension Frame (Klemp) Wall Mounted Banner Aluminium Tension Frame (Klemp) Wall Mounted Banner Aluminium Tension Frame (Klemp) Wall Mounted Banner Aluminium Tension Frame (Klemp) Wall Mounted Banner Aluminium Tension Frame (Klemp) Wall Mounted Banner Aluminium Tension Frame (Klemp) Wall Mounted Banner Aluminium Tension Frame (Klemp) Wall Mounted Banner Aluminium Tension Frame (Klemp) Wall Mounted Banner Aluminium Tension Frame (Klemp)

Wall Mounted Banner Aluminium Tension Frame

Reference: KLEMP-WALL

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Wall Mounted Banner Advertisement - Aluminum Stretch Frame System for Outdoor Use

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Make your presence

Kemp banner frames help you reach a wide audience. In this way, you will be even more visible in public space.


The frames have a wide range of applications. They will fulfill their role perfectly:

  • office buildings
  • walls of private houses
  • factory halls
  • the walls of the shops

They also offer many more possibilities.

Give yourself a guarantee of the highest quality

When assembling large formats, you are probably concerned about the strength of a particular structure. With Kemp banner frames such worries disappear from your mind.

Stability guaranteed

The construction is made of aluminum pipes and galvanized iron joints. Corrosion does not have access to it, but you can be sure that nothing will touch it.

Change anytime

One banner is not permanently mounted. You can change your advertising message at any time as part of the construction. All you have to do is order a new ad, dismantle the old banner and install the new one. Nothing easier!

First-hand product

We are a manufacturer of Kemp banner wall structures. The goods you ordered come straight from us.


The entire frame structure is characterized by:

  • Lightness
  • Endurance

It will work in any situation, regardless of the purpose for which you want to use it. It will also provide you with a high level of aesthetics throughout the entire time your ad is displayed.

Ensure the aesthetic appearance of your advertisement

Professional and aesthetic appearance of outdoor advertising is a basic matter. Attention to detail translates into the perception of your message or company by others.


A banner on t-shirts? Past. Banner frames in an aesthetic way expose your advertising message by fully tensioning the banner all the time.

Assemble the frame youself

Szerokość ścianki Przesyłka Montaż Montaż

Where to start here…

You decide on the size of the frame that we have to prepare for you. We provide it to you in accordance with your guidelines.


The structure itself is mounted on the wall using wall brackets that are part of the set.

It's not that hard!

You do not need above-average skills or specialist knowledge to install. All you have to do is put the connectors on the pipe and tighten them with a hex wrench. That's all.

What if…

Before that, you want to see the assembly instructions. You will find it in our tab - "Video - Assembly". Good luck!

Profile, uchwyty ścienne, kolanka oraz mufy.

In the set you will find…

Profiles, wall brackets, elbows and sockets.

Data sheet

Construction type
Wall construction
Standard wall mounts
Construction colour
Banner tensioners
Without tensioner
Without banner
Purpose of the construction
For banner advertising
The set contains
Complete construction (profiles, brackets, connectors)

Corporate clients / B2B clients

Our services are used by large companies known throughout the country and Europe.

We have great logistic capabilities.

We carry out deliveries to companies and offer wholesale prices for larger orders.

We know that as wholesalers and intermediaries you need the lowest prices and special treatment - the fastest possible delivery date and perfect quality.

That is why we have created a special offer for companies to meet these requirements.

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Companies can also order from us on account (after approval) and are entitled to discounts for larger orders.

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Please send us an e-mail. We will then perform a credit and business check.

After the approval it is possible to make a deferred payment (under certain conditions).


Do you need help with your project? Thanks to our extensive knowledge and experience, we are also happy to assist business clients in planning their projects. Would you like to order a custom advertising frame, need pipe racks in your warehouse? We are ready to help you with that.

Would you like to receive a quote for your project? Simply request a quote using the contact form or send an e-mail to info@tubefittings.eu.

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We hope that our flexible return policy will make your shopping experience even more pleasant. Thank you for your trust and choosing our shop!

    How densely the wall brackets are distributed for each frame

    The pipes constituting the structure are shipped in sections of 200 cm.

    There are 2 wall brackets for each pipe.

    The average distribution of wall brackets is therefore about every 1 m.

    What is the difference between the StormFix banner tensioners and the spin hook tensioners

    The stormfix tensioner is the most optimal variant of banner fastening in terms of aesthetics and practicality.

    Stormfix tensioners generate a distance between the banner and the inner edge of the banner frame = 3 cm (as compared with the cheaper hook tensioners, where this distance is 8 cm).

    The StormFix tensioners are easier to clamp in contrast to standard hook tensioners.

    Tensioners in the StormFix variant are also much more durable, which is not insignificant especially for free-standing structures.

    What is the distance of the banner face from the wall in case of standard wall brackets

    The standard wall bracket used for the construction of banner frames provides a distance between the banner and the wall of about 6 cm.

    Does the set include wall mountings?

    The price includes wall brackets used to fix the frame to the facade of the building. However, the mounting anchors must be properly selected and purchased independently, depending on the type of substrate, such as concrete, brick, insulated wall or sandwich panel.

    I already have the banner ready. What size of the frame do I need?

    If you choose hook tensioners, we recommend the banner frame to be about 25 cm larger than the banner. However, for stormfix tensioners, the frame size should be larger than the banner by about 15 cm.

    What is the largest size I can order

    There is no limitation to the size of the banner frame. The elements are selected depending on the dimensions of the frame and suitably adjusted to the perimeter of the structure. It is worth noting that the size of the surface does not affect the strength of the banner frame. Densely spaced mountings ensure the sturdiness and strength of structure in any size.

    What is the recommended spacing of eyelets in cm

    We recommend to eyelet the banner at every 25-30 cm. The frequently used standard of 50 cm does not provide adequate tension of the outer edges of the banner.

    Is it possible to order a banner in a kit?

    Yes. We also offer the possibility of making an advertising banner with printout, edge sealing and eyeletting.

    Do you make graphic designs

    No. Preparation of graphic designs is on the customer's side. We provide a specification for the preparation of graphic files. It is a helpful guideline on how to properly prepare a graphic file for printing.

    What are the requirements of banner preparation for printing

    The graphic file should be in PDF format, as standard the fonts should be converted to curves or a file with flattened layers should be sent.

    Color mode for CMYK recording as standard.

    The maximum file weight is 500 MB.

    Files for dimensions exceeding 500 cm on the sides should be scaled in a 1:10 ratio while maintaining a correspondingly higher resolution (so that once the file is scaled on the printing machine to the correct size the quality does not worsen below the minimum required parameters).

    In what packaging is the order shipped (method of packaging - package sizes)?

    The pipes of the structure are shipped in packages with a length of 200 cm secured with foil.

    The weight of a single package is usually about 15 kg.

    The pipe fittings necessary to assemble the pipes are shipped separately in cardboard boxes.

    How to send a graphic design?

    Files not exceeding 20MB should be sent to the e-mail address. Larger files are best uploaded as a download link (a file placed on a server with a link generated e.g. via the "www.wetransfer.com" service)

    Are tensioners included?

    No. Tensioners must be purchased separately. We offer stormfix or hook tensioners. For stormfix tensioners, the installation of banner corner eyelets will be more aesthetic if you additionally equip yourself with 4 stormfix corner tensioners.

    What is the distance between the banner and the frame edge?

    In case of hook tensioners, the distance between the edge of the banner and the inner part of the frame pipe is 8 cm.

    In case of stormfix tensioners, the distance is minimized and is 3 cm, which allows for better use of the surface of the banner frame and better aesthetics of the product.

    What is the load carrying capacity of my structure?

    To obtain calculations guaranteeing reliability and safety, it is recommended to consult a construction expert. Only an expert can calculate the forces acting on the structure. In addition, the permissible load-carrying capacity of bolts, pegs and other possibly added materials should be calculated. We bear no responsibility for damage and / or costs resulting from improper use and calculation of purchased items.

    How do I know which tensioners I need?

    The choice of tensioner type depends on many factors.

    What color or look do you like?

    What material do you want to stretch?

    How long is the banner intended to hang?

    What is the diameter of pipes in the frame?

    What tension do you need?

    In most cases, both stormfix and hook tensioners are strong enough and fit the diameters of pipes that our banner frames are made of.

    Our opinion is that the stormfix tensioners have better looks.

    Also, the space between the banner and the frame is smaller in case of stormfix tensioners.

    If you still have some doubts, do not hesitate to give us a call.

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