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MDF Slats Mini

MDF Slats Mini

MDF Slats Mini

Klemp's MDF MINI wood m olding is perfect as a timeless and versatile decoration for all rooms. Whether for your own home, office, hotel room or commercial space, Klemp wall moldings give every room that certain something. MINI wainscoting is available in 6 different wood colors, so you can always find the right color pattern to match your interior. The slat wall is very easy to install, even for laymen, with wood slats that can be installed vertically as well as horizontally and attached at different distances. Wood wall cladding thus always remains an individual experience, where you can give vent to your own creations.

How to fix MDF MINI wood trim?

1. choose the right wall color

Paint the wall to which you want to attach Klemp wall m oldings in a matching color. We recommend dark background colors, such as black and all shades of gray. This gives the wooden appearance of the slat wall a special touch. 2.

Mark the place where you want to place the slats.

The correct position of the wall s lats should be marked with a thin pencil before fixing them, so that the alignment is perfect.

Note: fixing the first strip affects the alignment of all other wood strips.

3. apply mounting glue to the back of the wall strip.

Now apply mounting glue to the back of the first molding. The wooden strip can then be attached to your sign.

4. alignment correction

Now you still have a chance to straighten the wooden slats vertically or horizontally. If you are unhappy with the position, you can still move the wooden slats, as long as the mounting glue has not yet dried.

5. ensure a constant distance

Once the first strip is fixed, you can already determine the position of the next wall strips. It is best to use another slat to generate the perfect distance and re-mark the position of the next wooden slats.

6. finishing the installation

Repeat the steps just mentioned for all subsequent Klemp Wall S lats MINI and make sure you always keep the same distance from the previous molding. In the end, enjoy the incomparable change that the wall strip decoration will bring you.

MDF MINI skirting board product description

The set of MDF MINI wood moldings consists of 31 pieces of wall moldings. The difference with MDF CLASSIC and STANDARD wood moldings is the smaller size of the molding wall. All the moldings are made of MDF material, which means medium density fiberboard. MDF is a wood-based material made from bark-free softwood, which both functionally and visually looks like real wood. The wood slat wall is delivered without mounting glue and is shipped within 5 to 10 days.

Lamellen Holz MINI wall cladding consists of 4D veneers, which means that all wooden slats consist of four layers of MDF material. Treatment through 4D veneers provides thermal properties as well as sound insulation.

Wood MINI wall s lats are available in 6 color patterns, such as wood black slats and wood oak slats. If you would like to match the color of the wall slats with your furnishings first, you can test the wood-look wall cladding at home at your leisure. You can ask for samples of color shades, and a small piece of molding in the color of your choice will be provided. Then take your time to check the consistency of the selected color with your furnishings and order wood MINI wall laths later.

Klemp MINI wall slats

Height - 275 cm
Width - 16 mm
Depth - 30 mm

Where can Klemp's MDF MINI wall laths be used?

Due to the natural look of wood wall coverings, as well as the possibility of individual application, Klemp MINI MDF wall laths have several possibilities of application.

Offices, hotels, living rooms:

Klemp lamella wall cladding is perfect for any room you want to add a certain touch to. Whether it's a hotel, office, restaurant, commercial space or home, you can give any space that certain something with the variety of Klemp wall louvers.

Sound insulation for any room:

Thanks to the 4D veneer texture, the wall moldings not only offer the great look of real wood, but also provide sound insulation in rooms. Depending on where you place the wood acoustic wall moldings, conversations, music or commotion from outside can be muffled, and the room offers a quiet and relaxing atmosphere.

Wall moldings as room dividers:

Klemp wall moldings can also be used as wooden privacy moldings. As a partition wall or room divider, wooden slats offer enough clean spaces to let in light and sunlight. This makes rooms look inviting, friendly and gives the perfect style - classic, modern or stylish.