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Thermowood timber laths

Thermowood timber laths

Thermowood timber laths

ThermoWood wooden slats

Thinking of a beautiful, natural finish for your walls? Opt for ThermoWood timber slats. It is a product made of natural wood - Nordic pine - which guarantees durability and a beautiful appearance for many years thanks to heat treatment. Wood wall slats are a great idea for interior design in a warm, elegant atmosphere. ThermoWood will work especially well in your home if you care about natural, sustainable and environmentally friendly materials.

Wood slats for walls - a great way to decorate your interior

Wood slats for walls offer a unique and aesthetically pleasing solution that emphasises the naturalness and warmth of the interior. ThermoWood products excel in this role, showcasing the beautiful texture of wood. They allow you to adjust the aesthetics of the interior, by applying an oil coating that will bring out an even more expressive drawing of the grains or by painting it in the selected color. However, ThermoWood timber slats offer a very interesting appearance in themselves and do not need to be maintained.

Properties of ThermoWood slats

ThermoWood wall slats are made from thermally modified wood, which gives them excellent properties and high resistance. They can be used in damp interiors and at elevated temperatures without fear of resin staining. Such material is also renowned for its dimensional stability. This means that ThermoWood slats retain their original size and shape over a very long service life.

Easy installation of wooden slats

The process of installing the slats is as easy as possible. It can be done vertically, horizontally, at a slant or on the ceiling - depending on the desired finish. The individual slats simply overlap. Installation indoors can be done in two ways: on joists or simply glued to the wall.

Natural wood from certified sources

ThermoWood is beautiful and functional slats of Nordic pine wood. They will certainly appeal to you if you are committed to quality and natural materials in your surroundings. The wood undergoes heat treatment during the production process, which means that it does not need to be preserved with protective agents. As a result, after many years of use (durability of approximately 30 years), these slats can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner - like ordinary, unpreserved wood.

What's more, the raw material comes from Finland, from areas covered by sustainable forestry. This is evidenced by the PEFC certification that all ThermoWood timber laths have.

ThermoWood - Wood slats for walls

ThermoWood timber slats are an example of how natural materials can not only be highly aesthetically pleasing, but also durable and environmentally friendly. It is an excellent idea for furnishing a warm and modern interior. Thanks to their properties, they can also be used as façade slats. Take a look at our entire range of wall slats.