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MDF slats Freestanding

MDF slats Freestanding

MDF slats Freestanding

Would you like to use your outdoor area or garden regardless of the weather conditions? Looking for a lightweight room divider that still makes your four walls look friendly and open? Klemp freestanding slats are suitable for use as interior wood slat partitions, wood privacy screens, wood slats for privacy fences and wood slats for ceilings. The easy installation of Klemp freestanding slats is done in simple steps and is also suitable for non-professionals. The wooden panels can be flexibly adjusted and allow natural light to pass through, so that rooms are illuminated and the outdoor area receives sufficient sunlight. Wooden privacy slats are ideal as room dividers in hotels, restaurants, lofts, bars or commercial spaces. Klemp's wooden slat ceiling creates a wonderful shaded garden area and looks very inviting at the same time.

Product Description - MDF wood slats free-standing.

One set of MDF freestanding wooden slats consists of 10 pieces of wooden panels. All wooden privacy screens are made of MDF wood material. MDF stands for medium fiber densityboard. MDF offers high stability and is durable in production. Thanks to the bark-free compressed softwood, which has undergone special treatment, MDF wood panels are much more resistant than traditional wood panels. Thanks to their foiled surface, the wood panels resist splashing with water and are also suitable for wet rooms and outdoor spaces. They also offer the look of real wood, with wooden slats that can be installed vertically or horizontally.

You can also attach a partition made of wood slats directly to your wall. To do so, you would need to include additional mounting glue with your order.

All wooden room dividers are four-sided laminated, so when viewed from all sides they give an identical effect. Delivery time for wooden room dividers is from 5 to 10 working days.

Wooden room dividers are available in 4 different colors, such as wooden room divider strip oak or wooden room divider strip color. If you are not sure about the color coordination with your interior, you can also request a sample set first. It contains all the offered color samples of wood slats in the form of a small piece of slat. This allows you to confidently match the color tone to your room in advance and see which wood slats are best suited to your interior.

Klemp wood panels freestanding dimensions:

Height - 275 cm
Width - 22 mm
Depth - 70 mm

How are free-standing wood panels installed as a room divider?

Klemp freestanding wall trim is ideal as a room divider. They provide the necessary privacy, separate different areas in the room and make the room instantly look more homely. The wooden pergola partition wall with movable slats is very easy to build yourself using slatted wood. All you need is a set of free-standing Klemp wood panels and a drill.

1. paint the walls

Paint your walls in a color that matches the freestanding slats. This will generate a matching look around your interior. By changing the color of the walls and using the wooden slats as a room divider, your room can be modern, stylish or classic.

2. drill the holes

Now drill the appropriate pilot holes in the wood panels. Make sure that you always have an equal distance in the frame to attach the wooden slats. The holes should be exactly on top of each other at the top and bottom of the frame. The easiest way is to place two slats to the frame above and below each other and drill directly through both panels with a large drill bit. This way you can be sure that the distance for the wood panels will not be displaced either.

3. assemble the frame

Assemble the frame from the four Klemp wood panels and fasten all four sides in the pre-drilled holes with the appropriate wood dowels. Now you should have a solid frame for your wooden slats.

4. fix the wall panels

Now insert the wooden panels and fasten them in place using the pre-drilled holes. Pre-drilling the holes in the wooden slats ensures that the slats do not splinter when fastened.

How are freestanding wooden panels attached directly to the wall?

If you prefer to attach the wooden panels directly to the wall, you can do it very easily with mounting glue. Freestanding slats are also suitable as Klemp wall moldings. To do this, mark marks on the wall for fastening. Make sure that the distance between the wooden s lats is always the same. It is a good idea to use another strip to measure the distance. Once marked, apply mounting glue to one side of the wooden panels and attach them directly to the wall where you made the markings earlier. Check everything with a level and continue with the remaining Klemp wall moldings.