Freestanding MDF Slats 22x70 - Black mat - 10 pieces (Klemp) - MDF slats Freestanding
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Freestanding MDF Slats 22x70 - Black mat - 10 pieces (Klemp) Freestanding MDF Slats 22x70 - Black mat - 10 pieces (Klemp) Freestanding MDF Slats 22x70 - Black mat - 10 pieces (Klemp) Freestanding MDF Slats 22x70 - Black mat - 10 pieces (Klemp) Freestanding MDF Slats 22x70 - Black mat - 10 pieces (Klemp) Freestanding MDF Slats 22x70 - Black mat - 10 pieces (Klemp) Freestanding MDF Slats 22x70 - Black mat - 10 pieces (Klemp) Freestanding MDF Slats 22x70 - Black mat - 10 pieces (Klemp) Freestanding MDF Slats 22x70 - Black mat - 10 pieces (Klemp) Freestanding MDF Slats 22x70 - Black mat - 10 pieces (Klemp) Freestanding MDF Slats 22x70 - Black mat - 10 pieces (Klemp) Freestanding MDF Slats 22x70 - Black mat - 10 pieces (Klemp) Freestanding MDF Slats 22x70 - Black mat - 10 pieces (Klemp) Freestanding MDF Slats 22x70 - Black mat - 10 pieces (Klemp) Freestanding MDF Slats 22x70 - Black mat - 10 pieces (Klemp) Freestanding MDF Slats 22x70 - Black mat - 10 pieces (Klemp) Freestanding MDF Slats 22x70 - Black mat - 10 pieces (Klemp)

Freestanding MDF Slats 22x70 - Black mat - 10 pieces

Reference: 10XLAM-22X70-LA713

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Other sizes

The modern wall panels with an elegant look represent the latest trends in design and architecture and add a stylish "finishing touch" to any room. They are perfect as partitions for living spaces, allowing the kitchen, dining area or living area to be visually separated. They can also be used as room dividers for commercial spaces, such as offices, practice rooms, hotels, bars or restaurants, where they provide an atmospheric ambience, the necessary discretion and modern decoration. The freestanding wall panelling is made of robust MDF board and is covered with an abrasion-resistant wood-look veneer. The hard-wearing materials ensure long-lasting use and also offer excellent acoustic properties. The wooden slats can be used in many different ways. They offer unique, versatile decoration possibilities and can be used as vertical and horizontal partitions. Their ease of use is further enhanced by the simple, non-invasive installation, which is carried out without drilling or hammering using a special adhesive and does not require too much skill.

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The devil is in the "detail"

Free-standing laths versus partitions

Free-standing laths are individual slats that you have to cut to size, drill in the right places and install yourself.

Openwork partitions, on the other hand, are a pre-cut and pre-drilled assembly kit. No further processing is required, you only need to screw them together "ready to go".

Top quality and excellent durability

The detail matters

Each individual lath has been crafted with extreme attention to detail to bring you a top-quality product that will serve its purpose for many years to come.

Reliable durability

The laths are manufactured from high-quality, extra-hard premium MDF and a water-resistant 3D veneer. It is these factors that guarantee their long-term use without any damage. In addition, the MDF openwork laths come with a 2-year guarantee - another safeguard for you.

You know where you're buying from

Azure MDF laths are 100% manufactured in the European Union. This is an additional guarantee, supported by the knowledge where the product comes from.

It's your choice

Among the MDF laths you will find several collections in a wide variety of colours. This gives you freedom to select the right laths and to adapt them to your interior according to your individual individual idea.

Design on your own terms

Your colour

Among the free-standing laths, you can choose from the following colours: sonoma oak, natural oak, wotan oak and matt black. Which colour works best for your interior?

Visual effect

MDF laths have a unique texture that adds lightness and elegance, making them the perfect combination for modern, minimalist as well as retro interiors. It really brings out the 'WOW' effect.

In addition, the laths optically increase the size of the room, which directly translates into a better sense of well-being.

Nowy poziom komfortu

A new level of comfort

If you have problems with poor acoustics in your room, MDF laths are the answer - they will completely suppress unwanted sounds.

Whether you mount them directly on the wall or on the ceiling, in either option they will absorb sound waves and remove unnecessary reverberation.

Jeszcze cieplej

Even warmer

As well as improving the acoustics of your interior, the MDF laths also have heat-insulating properties, so they will keep your room warmer for longer - this is especially important in the slightly colder seasons such as autumn and winter.

Several mounting methods

Method 1

If you want to install the free-standing laths between the ceiling and the floor, you can use special adhesive and screws for this.

Method 2

You can use the 2 laths of the entire set as top and bottom horizontal profiles. This will give you a complete wall. The entire wall can be screwed together or glued together.

Method 3

You can also mount the free-standing laths on the wall, "transforming" them into wall laths.

Simple wall installation - for both the expert and the amateur

The openwork laths are laminated on all sides, so it doesn't matter in which order or which side you decide to install them.

Make sure you choose the right colour for the walls where you plan to install the laths so that they fully blend in - we suggest black or grey.

Apply glue to the moulding and place it against the wall, keeping it properly plumb.

Use a spirit level to check that the first moulding is laid perfectly vertically. This is important because it is the reference point for the subsequent mouldings. Make slight adjustments if necessary.

Measure the distance to the next skirting board with a piece of another moulding.

Repeat this process until you reach the point where you want to complete it.


The installation of MDF laths is an ideal opportunity for DIY. At our shop you can also order all the accessories you need saw, glue, glue gun or bevel box.

Sonoma oak LA702
Natural oak LA703
Wotan oak LA707
Black Mat LA713
Collection includes
4 elegant colors

And before the final order...

Confirming your choice

Before ordering a specific colour version, you can reach for samples of the laths in each variant and verify which colour will most perfectly complement your interior.

Data sheet

Bright MDF
270 cm
22 mm
Delivery range
10 pieces - 100 cm x 270 cm W x H.
Freestanding Slats
70 mm

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      What is the difference between free-standing slats and free-standing walls?

      Free-standing/openwork lamellas are single slats intended for further processing and assembly on their own, whereas prefabricated openwork walls are trimmed and drilled sets ready for assembly. They do not require further processing - they just need to be screwed together.

      How to mount free-standing slats?

      Free-standing slats can be mounted in two ways:

      • Mounting single lamellas independently with the use of adhesive, screws, etc.
      • Using 2 lamellas from the kit as horizontal bottom and upper profiles and thus building a ready-made panel/wall. The whole structure can then be screwed together with screws or glued with an adhesive. Finished panel. These additional elements are not included. The upper and bottom profiles are also not included.

      Is it possible to order a larger (higher) dimension than indicated in the description?

      Unfortunately, no. The length of each slat is always given in the table 'Product details'. Longer slats are not possible.

      Is it possible to make the lamellas in a rotating version?

      Unfortunately, no. The standard type of assembly exclusively allows for the permanent embedding of each slat to the ground (wall and ceiling). We do not have any parts and components that allow for assembly in a rotating version.

      Is it possible to order a different number of pieces than is included in a kit? (10 pcs, 17 pcs, 31 pcs, etc.)

      Unfortunately, no. Lamellas are packed in kits and it is not possible to purchase them as per item. For example, if you need 1.5 lm of wall to be covered, you should buy 2 kits (for 2 lm of wall covering)

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