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Black Steel Tubes

Black Steel Tubes

Black Steel Tubes

Black steel pipe - Definition and application of black steel pipes

Black steel pipe is a general term for various tubular steel sections with untreated surfaces and different cross sections. Like aluminum pipes and hot-dip galvanized steel pipes, black pipes come in concentric, rectangular, oval or other closed sections.

In their primary function, black steel pipes of various diameters are used to convey liquid, gaseous or solid substances. They can also be used as reinforcing, static or structural elements in many industrial or commercial structures for indoor use, such as balustrades, guardrails, canopies, trade stands, displays, frames, scaffolding, road and fence markings, garden decorations, clothes hangers, stairs, terraces, balconies, exhibition and trade stands, as well as in the design of recreational and wellness areas. The visually appealing combination of black metal tubes and tubular connectors makes it possible to build a wide range of furniture.

Black steel - black steel tubes from Klempa

'Black steel', also known as 'black steel', refers to raw steel in its natural appearance. Its surface consists of black-blue scale and chipping. Scale and burnishing are d produced by a special molding process with high temperatures. The resulting coating gives the effect of a hard patina. In the next step, the surface is sealed, which contributes to a stylish shine and creates a very decorative impression. Black steel has a natural surface coloration that cannot be influenced.

At Klemp, we offer seamless steel pipes, which are produced in rolling mills by hot rolling and subsequent processing steps. These pipes have a smooth surface without welding seams.

Klemp pipe systems - our range of steel pipes

In Klemp's online store you will find our range of steel pipes made of non-welded steel with a special surface. Our pipes have a standard length of 6 meters, but of course they can also be cut to size. They are available in 5 sizes, from up to and including 1 1/2".

  • Black steel pipe - Ø 21.3 mm x 2.2 mm
  • Black steel pipe - Ø 26.9 mm x 2.35 mm
  • Black steel pipe - Ø 33.7 mm x 2.65 mm - (1")
  • Black steel pipe - Ø 42.4 mm x 2.65 mm - (1 1/4")
  • Black steel pipe - Ø 48.3 mm x 2.90 mm - (1 1/2")

Our black steel pipes are used in mechanical engineering, gate construction, fence construction, agricultural technology and hall construction. With a little skill and basic tools such as an Allen wrench, almost anyone can make a modern coat rack for a hallway, a spacious, sturdy shelf for a bedroom, a coffee table for a living room or a sturdy table for a study.

Klemp black steel pipes - good value for money

Our black steel pipes have an excellent price/quality ratio. Please note that untreated steel is not resistant to rust. Black steel can be easily impregnated with a colorless varnish or oil. This treatment helps preserve the natural color. In combination with light or natural wood color, such pipe furniture looks especially modern and attractive.

Black steel tubes from Klemps are:

  • available in different versions (diameter and wall thickness);
  • available in standard lengths of about 600 cm, with a minimum length of 5 cm (50 mm);
  • available in a maximum length of 6 meters (6000 mm).

We cut your tubes to the right length - at no extra charge! Note that a tolerance of up to 5 mm is possible.

What types of black steel tubes does Klemp offer?

We offer a variety of seamless black steel pipes in different lengths, which have an excellent price/quality ratio. They are available in sizes: Ø 21.3 mm x 2.2 mm, Ø 26.9 mm x 2.35 mm, Ø 33.7 mm x 2.65 mm - (1"), Ø 42.4 mm x 2.65 mm - (1 1/4") and Ø 48.3 mm x 2.90 mm - (1 1/2").

I am a B2B customer. Can I buy from you?

As a B2B customer, you can of course buy from us. We serve private customers as home craftsmen and hobbyists, brokers and wholesalers, construction companies and commercial customers. Please contact our customer service department and tell us your requirements for a no-obligation quote. We will be happy to advise you!

In what lengths are black steel pipes offered?

We offer black steel pipes in standard lengths of about 600 cm. The minimum length that can be ordered is 5 cm (50 mm), the maximum length is 6 meters (6000 mm). For the cut length, a tolerance of up to 5 mm is possible. We cut your pipes to the appropriate length at no extra charge.