Premium wall panels OLMO - Oak Gold II (Klemp) - Premium wall panels
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Premium wall panels OLMO - Oak Gold II (Klemp) Premium wall panels OLMO - Oak Gold II (Klemp) Premium wall panels OLMO - Oak Gold II (Klemp) Premium wall panels OLMO - Oak Gold II (Klemp) Premium wall panels OLMO - Oak Gold II (Klemp) Premium wall panels OLMO - Oak Gold II (Klemp) Premium wall panels OLMO - Oak Gold II (Klemp) Premium wall panels OLMO - Oak Gold II (Klemp) Premium wall panels OLMO - Oak Gold II (Klemp)

Premium wall panels OLMO - Oak Gold II

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Other colours

The panels from the Olmo collection will fit perfectly into minimalist interiors where timelessness and versatility are important. The simple form of lamellas will perfectly harmonize with modern furniture and accessories. The slats from the Olmo series perfectly emphasize the expressive character of the interior. The collection is available in both black and two shades of oak.

Scope of delivery includes: Set of wall panels + 1 pcs. right end strip + 1 pcs. left end strip 

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Acoustic properties

Onda panels have soundproofing properties, so you can reduce noise in individual rooms and fully relax.

Exceptional subtlety


The lamellas in the Olmo series have a unique form reminiscent of gentle waves, creating an original visual effect. Its unique look will also emphasise the character of your room.


You may easily arrange Olmo lamellas in any interior, regardless of style, thanks to the preserved both warm and cool colour tones. The neutral colours and minimalist form of the panels will allow you to create a timeless wall decoration in your space.

Water resistance

What is the advantage of the Premium Series Wall Panels over other solutions?

We used advanced Aqua Resist technology to make them 100% water resistant.

What does this mean for you?

Premium lamellas can be safely installed in bathrooms, spas and rooms with increased humidity.

We guarantee that the presence of liquids on their surface won't have any unfavourable effects in the future.

Environmentally friendly

There's more to our products than just modern design, maximum functionality and water resistance.

We also pay particular attention to make sure that they are environmentally friendly.

We are convinced that joint efforts will significantly help protect our planet to the fullest extent possible.


What are our Premium Panels made of? They are made from 92% granules,
which we obtained by recycling polystyrene.

Why choose
Premium Wall Panels?

By opting for this solution you get:

  • Waterproof veneer with a 3D woodgrain structure
  • Long service life of the product
  • Innovation and flexibility in interior design
  • Optical enlargement of the room
  • Enhancing the acoustics of your interior
  • Additional thermal insulation
  • A solution that is environmentally friendly

What does the set include?

Depending on the variant you choose, you will always find 9, 18 or 27 slats in the set.

The set also includes:

  • starting strip
  • finishing strip


The installation of Lamelio panels does not require any special skills. On the contrary, it is pure pleasure – and you may even discover you've got a knack for DIY.

Intuitive assembly

Prepare the surface where the panels will be mounted. If the wall is covered with wallpaper – remove it.

Cut the panels to the correct length using a circular saw or jigsaw.

Apply mounting adhesive to the back of the panels.

Apart from mounting adhesive, you can also use a stapler to fix the panels to the wall. Apply the staples to the edge of the panel spline.

When mounting panels onto the corner of a wall, connect the panels with the grooves facing the wall.

For an aesthetically pleasing finish, use edge banding.

Technical specifications

Left finishing strip

Left finishing strip

Width 4.2 cm
Length +/- 270 cm
Height 1.2 cm
Lamel - main panel

Main panel

Width 12.2 cm
Length +/- 270 cm
Height 1.2 cm
Right finishing strip

Right finishing strip

Width 2.6 cm
Length +/- 270 cm
Height 1.2 cm

Data sheet

270 cm
122 mm
Delivery range
105.3 x 270 cm (W x H)
Premium wall panels
12 mm
Oak Gold II

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      What about the end mouldings - how many of them will I receive in a kit?

      A kit of wall panels that you purchased also contains left end moulding and right end moulding for the proper finishing of the panels. Their main purpose is to aesthetically close the left and right sides so that the tongue or groove of the panel are not visible. Although they are not mandatory, they perform an important aesthetic function.

      Each kit includes one start strip and one end strip. This means that when you purchase a kit consisting of 9 panels, you will get 9 main panels, as well as 1 start strip and 1 end strip. Similarly, when you purchase a kit consisting of 18 panels, you will get 18 main panels, 1 start strip and 1 end strip, whereas with the purchase of a kit consisting of 27 panels, you will get 27 main panels, 1 start strip and 1 end strip.

      What about the kits? What is the wall coverage for each kit? How many premium slats will I receive?

      The kits are adapted to the width of the wall you want to cover:

      A kit consisting of 9 panels is enough to cover a wall about 1 meter wide.

      A kit consisting of 18 panels is enough to cover a wall about 2 meters wide.

      A kit consisting of 27 panels is enough to cover a wall about 3 meters wide.

      Each kit comes with 1 start strip and 1 end strip.

      Installation width for panels ASTI

      Installation width9 Stck18 Stck27 Stck36 Stck45 Stck54 Stck
      Without endings103,3 cm 205,8 cm308,3 cm410,8 cm513,3 cm615,8 cm
      With left end strip106,7 cm209,2 cm311,7 cm414,2 cm516,8 cm619,3 cm
      With right end strip105,3 cm207,8 cm310,4 cm412,9 cm515,4 cm617,9 cm
      With left and right end strip108,8 cm211,3 cm313,8 cm416,3 cm518,8 cm621,3 cm

      Installation width for panels MILO

      Installation width9 Stck18 Stck27 Stck36 Stck45 Stck54 Stck
      Without endings103,9 cm  207,1 cm 310,4 cm 413,6 cm516,8  cm620,1 cm
      With left end strip 107,6 cm 210,8 cm314,1  cm 417,3 cm520,5 cm623,5 cm
      With right end strip106 cm 209,2 cm312,4  cm415,7 cm518,9 cm622,1 cm
      With left and right end strip109,7cm212,9 cm316,1 cm419,4 cm 522,6 cm525,80 cm

      Installation width for panels OLMO

      Installation width9 Stck18 Stck27 Stck36 Stck45 Stck54 Stck
      Without endings105,3 cm 210,1 cm314,8 cm419,6 cm524,3 cm629,1 cm
      With left end strip109 cm213,7 cm318,5 cm423,3 cm528 cm632,8 cm
      With right end strip 107,4 cm212,1 cm316,9 cm421,7 cm526,4 cm631,2 cm
      With left and right end strip111 cm215,8 cm320,6 cm 425,3 cm530,1 cm634,9 cm

      Installation width for panels VASCO

      Installation width9 Stck18 Stck27 Stck36 Stck45 Stck54 Stck
      Keine Enden101,2 cm 201,6 cm302,1 cm402,5 cm502,9 cm603,4 cm
      With left end strip106,7 cm207,2 cm307,6 cm408 cm508,5 cm608,9 cm
      With right end strip103,7 cm204,1 cm304,6 cm405 cm505,4 cm605,9 cm
      With left and right end strip 109,2 cm209,7 cm310,1 cm410,5 cm511 cm611,4 cm

      How are the panels at the top and bottom finished?

      Wall slats, including the Premium variant, do not feature closing profiles/ plugs on the bottom and top end of the panel.

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