MDF Standard Slats 29x40 - White mat - 17 pieces (Klemp) - MDF slats Standard
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MDF Standard Slats 29x40 - White mat - 17 pieces (Klemp) MDF Standard Slats 29x40 - White mat - 17 pieces (Klemp) MDF Standard Slats 29x40 - White mat - 17 pieces (Klemp) MDF Standard Slats 29x40 - White mat - 17 pieces (Klemp) MDF Standard Slats 29x40 - White mat - 17 pieces (Klemp) MDF Standard Slats 29x40 - White mat - 17 pieces (Klemp) MDF Standard Slats 29x40 - White mat - 17 pieces (Klemp) MDF Standard Slats 29x40 - White mat - 17 pieces (Klemp) MDF Standard Slats 29x40 - White mat - 17 pieces (Klemp)

MDF Standard Slats 29x40 - White mat - 17 pieces

Reference: 17-LM007

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Wall laths are modern wooden decorative mouldings that have taken the catalogues of world-class designers and the interiors of design enthusiasts by storm. They are an original decoration for walls and ceilings, but their decorative potential does not end there. They can also be used to create fashionable partitions that cannot be ignored. You will find wall lamellas made of high-quality materials that are resistant to harsh conditions, which means you can install them in demanding rooms such as kitchens, bathrooms and hallways. We ensure that they are perfectly cut - we only cut them on one side, which makes the installation process much easier. Our wooden decorative mouldings can reach a height of 2.75m.

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Why should I choose KLEMP. wood wall panels ?
Learn about their advantages!

Vertical lamella walls are a completely new interior design hit which is currently gaining popularity in the design of homes and public use places. The lamellas are made from wood imitating MDF in a joint-free system. Their unique structure makes them look light and lightweight. They go well with modern and minimalist interiors as well as retro design. Our MDF wainscoting meets current interior design trends. Apart from stunning appearance, they provide excellent thermal insulation retaining heat during winter. What is more, the wall panels act as an acoustic shield which limits unpleasant noises. The advantages of our decorative paneling:

Bring modern design!
Lamella veneer
with a 3D texture

The wall cladding is made of sturdy Premium MDF imitating wood, which ensures a long-term use. The material is lightweight and elegant and offers great acoustic and thermal properties.

Increase your comfort
Wall lamellas optically enlarge the space, which positively influences our feeling of being inside. They also make your space more enjoyable, creating a contrast to other decorative elements. In addition, they also improve the acoustics of the room.
It fits wherever you want
Improving the acoustics of your interior
Optically increasing the room

Easy, non-invasive assembly with glue

The installation of our wainscoting panels is quick and doesn’t require special skills. You can place them on the wall, e.g., using a space board included in the set.

Step 1

Paint the wall the color of your choice (optional). We recommend gray or black paint - our moldings look best with this primer.

Step 2

Apply glue to the mouldings and stick them to the wall, making sure the moulding is perfectly vertical.

Step 3

Check with a spirit level to make sure the first strip is vertical. This is the moment for final adjustments. The first slat interacts with the other slats.

Step 4

Measure the distance to the next strip using a piece of another strip.

Step 5

Repeat each step until you get to the end of the wall/place where you want to end it.

Step 6

Enjoy a new, modern transformation of your interior.

The color
of the lamellas for everyone


Wall Slats:
Width (A): 2,9 cm
Height (B): 275 cm
Length (D) 4 cm

Get inspired by the

Data sheet

275 cm
29 mm
Delivery range
17 pieces - 100 cm x 275 cm W x H.
40 mm
White mat

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      What is the length of the slats? Can I order longer slats?

      We offer lamellas with in length of 275 cm, with the exception of veneered lamellas, which are 270 cm long. This is the maximum length of slats that we can manufacture. The exact length is always given in the product specification table.

      Are other slat dimensions available?

      We offer three slat dimensions: STANDARD 30x40 (mm) MINI slats 16 x 30 mm, OPENWORK slats 22 x 70 and 22 90 x mm and laths on felt and HDF panel 30 x 275 cm.

      What are the slats made of?

      We offer two types of slats, one made of MDF covered with laminate or slats made of MDF covered with natural oak veneer.

      What are the slats mounted on? What adhesive should be used? What is the adhesive efficiency?

      Slats can be mounted directly to the wall or ceiling using a good quality mounting adhesive (Mammoth adhesive). One adhesive is enough for 12-15 pieces of slats.

      Can slats be used to separate rooms? As a partition / free-standing partition?

      Our slats are ideal for separating rooms, as a decorative freestanding wall, an elegant openwork partition. We recommend slats with dimensions of 22x70 mm, 22x90 mm or ready-made free-standing slat walls.

      What is the recommended spacing between the slats?

      The recommended spacing between the slats is the same as the width of one slat. However, this is an individual matter for each customer.

      How many slats do I need per X meters of the wall?

      The number of slats depends on the adopted spacing between the lamellas. E.g. For a 100-cm wide wall with the use of 3x4 slats, we suggest purchasing 17 lamellas, assuming a 3-cm wide spacing between them.

      Can I see the slats before purchasing?

      In order to make an appropriate choice of the color of the slats, we suggest purchasing a set of samples from our store.

      I would like to order cutomized slats. Can you trim them?

      Unfortunately, we do not offer the service of cutting the slats to a customized size.

      How to mount the slats? Starting from the skirting or from the floor?

      Wall slats can be mounted above the skirting, however, you can completely resign from the skirting and mount them starting from the floor.

      Are the veneered lamellas impregnated or do they need to be impregnated?

      The slats have been prepared in brushed veneer – intended for oiling or coating.

      What are the dimensions of slats on felt?

      One panel on felt is 30 cm wide x 2.4 cm deep x 275 cm long.

      What is the spacing between the lamellas in a wall panel on felt?

      The spacing between the lamellas is 2 cm.

      Can I choose a different color of felt?

      We offer felt in three colors: black, gray and beige.

      How thick is the felt?

      The felt thickness is 8 mm.

      Are the strips placed between the panels included? Do they need to be used?

      Finishing strips are not included. They are sold separately by units. The strips are optional, however, we recommend using them to make installation easier and the wall better protected.

      Are the strip ends finished with veneer?

      No. The ends are open and the inner material is visible.

      How to mount the slats directly to the floor and ceiling (do I use an adhesive, screws)?

      In this variant, the lamellas do not have systemic ends allowing for mounting to the ground. For this purpose, use the adhesive applied at the end of the lamella or in the space between the lamella and the substrate (mounting clearance of few mm is recommended). You can also use a mounting peg or a screw screwed at an angle. With this variant, however, a screw head will be visible.

      What is the order completion date and shipping time to groupage countries.

      The lead time is always given in two stages - separately the estimated time of order completion and separately the estimated delivery date.

      The lead time for preparing the order for shipment is always shown on the product card under the product title.

      The delivery time depends on the carrier and we also provide an estimated time based on our historical deliveries.

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