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When and how can I contact you?

We are available daily between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. via email or phone.

Phone number: +49 (0) 3581-3254856, +48 68 8880233 or email: info@tubefittings.eu

You can also talk to us through the chat on our store's website.

Do you give discounts?

Discounts are granted for wholesale purchases. Our specially tailored online shopping cart is one of the things that makes it very easy for B2B customers to use our services. It is created in such a way that it automatically calculates a quantity discount depending on the size of the order. There is information about discount thresholds next to each product. The larger the quantity, the bigger the discount.

We also do recurring promotions and send regularly discount codes to subscribers of our newsletter. If you want to receive information about such periodic promotions, subscribe to our newsletter. We send valuable content and this is up to once a week. You can also unsubscribe at any time.

Can I send a custom quote request?

You can place products in the shopping cart with no obligation of purchasing. The price for the selected products will be automatically calculated, including shipping costs. Including discounts and delivery costs.

If you need larger quantities of tubefittings and/or tubes, you can send an inquiry to info@tubefittings.eu. We will then check if we can prepare a special offer based on the quantity.

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Shipping and delivery
What are the shipping costs?

Shipping costs are specified on the Delivery costs page and on the product card. You can also check the costs by placing products in the shopping cart and choosing the country of delivery. The correct rate is always displayed in the cart summary based on the items in the cart.

For products not listed on the website, you can request a free quote by email. In order to do this, please send us a summary of all the requested products together with the postal code of the place of delivery. We will then send you a non-binding price offer.

Why in some cases the shipping costs are so high?

The prices of the courier services we use to deliver the parcels are set by the carriers taking into account various factors such as distance, weight and type of the parcel.

Packages longer than 200 cm are considered non-standard and unsortable. For this reason, carriers charge higher fees for their transport. This is due to additional costs and logistical challenges associated with such shipments. It is worth noting we as a company also incur high costs for the transport of such parcels and we do not earn on top of it. These are simply costs that we have to cover.

In addition, in the case of deliveries to countries such as France, Spain or Italy, the price of transport may be higher due to the considerable distance. When sending parcels over long distances, carriers charge appropriate fees to cover the cost of long routes.

We would like to emphasize that our goal is not to make money out of shipping, but to ensure safe and fast delivery of products to our customers. We try to negotiate the best possible prices for courier services, while striving to minimize the costs for our customers.

Can I choose a pick up option to collect the goods?

You can pick up the goods in person, but only upon a prior contact with us and the receipt of our consent. We have several warehouses located in different locations.

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Withdrawal from the contract
Can I withdraw from the contract and return the products?

In the case of purchase of products (excluding custom-made products, i.e. cut-to-size tubes, banner frames, openwork walls customized to customer's requirements), the customer can withdraw from the contract within 14 days without giving a reason. This 14-day cancellation period starts the day after the receipt of the complete order. Upon notification of termination of the purchase contract, the user has 14 days to return the products.

Notification of withdrawal from the purchase contract may be made in any way. We prefer a short notification of withdrawal by e-mail sent to the e-mail address info@tubefittings.eu. Upon receipt of the goods, we will send a clearing invoice and refund the amount as soon as possible, but no later than 14 days after receipt of the declaration of withdrawal.

When will I get my refund?

We will make the refund as soon as possible, but no later than within 14 days of receipt of the statement of withdrawal.

We reserve the right to wait until the receipt of the goods before making a return, unless it can be proven that the goods have been returned.

If the order is being returned in full, the total purchase price, including delivery costs, will be refunded.

In the event of partial withdrawal from the contract, the shipping costs will not be refunded.

The costs of return are borne by the customer.

How do I get a refund?

The refund will be made using the same payment method that was used to make the purchase (if technically possible). The user will only have to pay for the impairment of the goods if the impairment results from handling the goods in a way that is not necessary to check the condition, properties and functioning of the goods.

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What material are the tubefittings made of?

Tubefittings are made of cast iron. They come in galvanized, raw and powder-coated versions.

Is the given diameter the inner diameter of the tubefitting or the diameter of the congruent tube?

All tubefittings are marked with a size that corresponds to the dedicated tube diameter. For example, in the case of D - 42 mm tubefittings, the diameter of the tube dedicated is 42 mm. It is worth noting that each tubefitting features a certain clearance, as the tube is assembled inside the tubefitting with the use of a dedicated set screw. Therefore, a slightly smaller or larger tube should be about fine.

I have a slightly larger/smaller tube. Is the mounting possible with the use of your tubefittings?

Yes, a small additional clearance (1-2 mm) can be compensated by a set screw being screwed into the tubefitting. Such clearance does not affect the stability of the final structure.

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How are the tubes sized up? (outer diameter)

Each tube description provides outer tube diameter. In addition, another value provided for a given dimension (e.g. 42x2, 42x3) determines the thickness of the outer wall of the tube. The tube diameter reflects the outer diameter. The associated tubefittings have the same tube diameter in the product name, therefore you always know whether you have the correct size of a connector for your tube. The inner diameter of the fittings is slightly bigger, so you can easily slide them over the tubes.

Why does the cost of delivery increase when longer product lengths are selected?

Shipment of oversized loads, i.e. exceeding 120-140 cm, is associated with high transport costs that we incur on the delivery of our products. We sell goods to all EU countries, which in the case of such loads is often associated with a large distance and a non-standard size of the packaging. Weight is another criterion important especially in the case of the purchase of heavier tubes (steel). However, the most important factor affecting the cost of shipping in this case is the length of the load.

Is it possible to order the tubes in customized dimensions with accuracy to mm?

No. Due to the already assumed tolerance for cutting (2-3 mm), the adopted length possible to order was rounded to full cm

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What is the length of the slats? Can I order longer slats?

We offer lamellas with in length of 275 cm, with the exception of veneered lamellas, which are 270 cm long. This is the maximum length of slats that we can manufacture. The exact length is always given in the product specification table.

Are other slat dimensions available?

We offer three slat dimensions: STANDARD 30x40 (mm) MINI slats 16 x 30 mm, OPENWORK slats 22 x 70 and 22 90 x mm and laths on felt and HDF panel 30 x 275 cm.

What are the slats made of?

We offer two types of slats, one made of MDF covered with laminate or slats made of MDF covered with natural oak veneer.

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Free standing slat walls
What is the spacing between the slats?

In the case of slatted partition walls featuring 22x70 lamellas, spacing between the slats is 70 mm, while in the case of slatted partition walls featuring 22x90 lamellas, the spacing between the lamellas is 90 mm.

How is the wall assembled?

Assembly of a slat wall is carried out in the following steps:

  1. Lay all the pieces on the floor
  2. Insert the pegs in outermost holes, then using confirmat screws, screw the vertical lamellas with horizontal lamellas.
  3. Apply mammoth adhesive on the floor.
  4. Place the wall in the designated place and make sure it is perfectly vertical.
  5. Drill the holes for mounting pegs in the top slat.
  6. Screw the wall with pegs to the ceiling.
  7. Mount the side lamellas with pegs and adhesive.

Does the ordered dimension take into account the mounting clearance?

The wall should be 5 mm lower than the height of the room. This is very important during the assembly. It is best to measure the height at 3 points (left-hand side, in the middle, right-hand side) to check for any level differences of the floor or ceiling. If there are any differences, we take the dimension from the point of the lowest height.

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Free-standing slats
What is the difference between free-standing slats and free-standing walls?

Free-standing/openwork lamellas are single slats intended for further processing and assembly on their own, whereas prefabricated openwork walls are trimmed and drilled sets ready for assembly. They do not require further processing - they just need to be screwed together.

How to mount free-standing slats?

Free-standing slats can be mounted in two ways:

  • Mounting single lamellas independently with the use of adhesive, screws, etc.
  • Using 2 lamellas from the kit as horizontal bottom and upper profiles and thus building a ready-made panel/wall. The whole structure can then be screwed together with screws or glued with an adhesive. Finished panel. These additional elements are not included. The upper and bottom profiles are also not included.

Is it possible to order a larger (higher) dimension than indicated in the description?

Unfortunately, no. The length of each slat is always given in the table 'Product details'. Longer slats are not possible.

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Premium wall panels
What about the end mouldings - how many of them will I receive in a kit?

A kit of wall panels that you purchased also contains left end moulding and right end moulding for the proper finishing of the panels. Their main purpose is to aesthetically close the left and right sides so that the tongue or groove of the panel are not visible. Although they are not mandatory, they perform an important aesthetic function.

Each kit includes one start strip and one end strip. This means that when you purchase a kit consisting of 9 panels, you will get 9 main panels, as well as 1 start strip and 1 end strip. Similarly, when you purchase a kit consisting of 18 panels, you will get 18 main panels, 1 start strip and 1 end strip, whereas with the purchase of a kit consisting of 27 panels, you will get 27 main panels, 1 start strip and 1 end strip.

What about the kits? What is the wall coverage for each kit? How many premium slats will I receive?

The kits are adapted to the width of the wall you want to cover:

A kit consisting of 9 panels is enough to cover a wall about 1 meter wide.

A kit consisting of 18 panels is enough to cover a wall about 2 meters wide.

A kit consisting of 27 panels is enough to cover a wall about 3 meters wide.

Each kit comes with 1 start strip and 1 end strip.

Installation width for panels ASTI

Installation width9 Stck18 Stck27 Stck36 Stck45 Stck54 Stck
Without endings103,3 cm 205,8 cm308,3 cm410,8 cm513,3 cm615,8 cm
With left end strip106,7 cm209,2 cm311,7 cm414,2 cm516,8 cm619,3 cm
With right end strip105,3 cm207,8 cm310,4 cm412,9 cm515,4 cm617,9 cm
With left and right end strip108,8 cm211,3 cm313,8 cm416,3 cm518,8 cm621,3 cm

Installation width for panels MILO

Installation width9 Stck18 Stck27 Stck36 Stck45 Stck54 Stck
Without endings103,9 cm  207,1 cm 310,4 cm 413,6 cm516,8  cm620,1 cm
With left end strip 107,6 cm 210,8 cm314,1  cm 417,3 cm520,5 cm623,5 cm
With right end strip106 cm 209,2 cm312,4  cm415,7 cm518,9 cm622,1 cm
With left and right end strip109,7cm212,9 cm316,1 cm419,4 cm 522,6 cm525,80 cm

Installation width for panels OLMO

Installation width9 Stck18 Stck27 Stck36 Stck45 Stck54 Stck
Without endings105,3 cm 210,1 cm314,8 cm419,6 cm524,3 cm629,1 cm
With left end strip109 cm213,7 cm318,5 cm423,3 cm528 cm632,8 cm
With right end strip 107,4 cm212,1 cm316,9 cm421,7 cm526,4 cm631,2 cm
With left and right end strip111 cm215,8 cm320,6 cm 425,3 cm530,1 cm634,9 cm

Installation width for panels VASCO

Installation width9 Stck18 Stck27 Stck36 Stck45 Stck54 Stck
Keine Enden101,2 cm 201,6 cm302,1 cm402,5 cm502,9 cm603,4 cm
With left end strip106,7 cm207,2 cm307,6 cm408 cm508,5 cm608,9 cm
With right end strip103,7 cm204,1 cm304,6 cm405 cm505,4 cm605,9 cm
With left and right end strip 109,2 cm209,7 cm310,1 cm410,5 cm511 cm611,4 cm

How are the panels at the top and bottom finished?

Wall slats, including the Premium variant, do not feature closing profiles/ plugs on the bottom and top end of the panel.

Banner Frames
How densely the wall brackets are distributed for each frame

The pipes constituting the structure are shipped in sections of 200 cm.

There are 2 wall brackets for each pipe.

The average distribution of wall brackets is therefore about every 1 m.

What is the difference between the StormFix banner tensioners and the spin hook tensioners

The stormfix tensioner is the most optimal variant of banner fastening in terms of aesthetics and practicality.

Stormfix tensioners generate a distance between the banner and the inner edge of the banner frame = 3 cm (as compared with the cheaper hook tensioners, where this distance is 8 cm).

The StormFix tensioners are easier to clamp in contrast to standard hook tensioners.

Tensioners in the StormFix variant are also much more durable, which is not insignificant especially for free-standing structures.

What is the distance of the banner face from the wall in case of standard wall brackets

The standard wall bracket used for the construction of banner frames provides a distance between the banner and the wall of about 6 cm.

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Presentation banner cubes
Are the cube banner frames suitable for outdoor use

Of course. It is a universal solution - it can be used both indoors and outdoors

How to fasten / load down the cube banner to protect it against weather conditions

Ballast (sand bags, precast concrete elements, water tank) placed inside the structure framework is mainly used for loading down. The base of the structure has two parallel pipes additionally placed in the base of the cube. Placing the ballast on extra pipes in the base of the structure allows appropriate loading down. After the side walls are covered with banners, the internal ballast will remain practically invisible.

How are the dimensions given? (what is the width, what is the depth, and what is the height)

The first dimension is the width of the cube, the second is the depth and the last dimension is the height of the structure.

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Presentation Wall Banner Frame
Are the presentation walls also suitable for outdoor use

Of course. It is a universal solution - it can be used both indoors and outdoors

How they can be anchored to the ground

The legs of the wall are terminated with a ring connector having a lug with an eyelet of 10 mm. They can be used to drive the anchor into the ground or screw it to the ground for additional stabilization. You can also load down the ends of the legs of the structure.

Are the walls suitable for displaying a double-sided advertising banner?

For walls exceeding the dimensions 200x200 cm, additional vertically fixed reinforcing pipes are used. The reinforcement tube is fixed using crossover joint fittings so that the reinforcement is placed under the advertising banner. In the case of mounting double-sided banners, it should be remembered that the reinforcing pipe will obscure the banner print on one side (the larger the wall, the greater the number of reinforcements used in the structure)

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Vertial Bar Stair Railing
How do I specify dimensions of the railing on the order?

The specified order dimension of the vertical bar railing must be the total length of the balustrade measured from the top to bottom substrate.

The railing bar is cut to a smaller size to make room for the upper and lower fixing sleeves.

The net dimension of the pipe is determined in the course of the production process (the customer need to provide only the length of the finished balustrade necessary to be embedded in the selected place).

Is it possible to fix the railing at an angle other than 90°?

The offer includes only straight mountings that allow installation at a right angle. There are situations in which the upper mounting surface is not at a right angle (45° or similar). A black tubefitting marked with the number 51 in size "B" can be used to fasten the upper angular fitting. Though it will be a solution compatible with the diameter of the purchased tube, it will not ensure proper aesthetics.