Table Legs

Table Legs

Table Legs



Lof legs is a category of products designed for self-assembly with a top of your choice and created by yourself. So this is a proposal for all those who would like to bring a dose of their own invention into the decor of their home.

What do you pay attention to when choosing a table? Certainly, the first thing you evaluate is the appearance of the tabletop, so we suggest you make it yourself according to your own preferences. However, it's not the only one that affects the comfort of working or relaxing at the table - an equally important role is played by the legs, which we increasingly pay attention to when arranging the interior. Industrial furniture, which is a combination of different materials, primarily wood and metal, has recently become very popular. Hence our proposal are constructions in this style.


Furniture in the industrial style, including tables and tables that have loft legs, over the past decade has become one of the most desirable housing solutions in large and medium-sized cities.

Industrial style traces its origins to the recessionary period of the mid-20th century in the United States. It was then that many factories collapsed in America, leaving behind hundreds of abandoned spaces such as factories, production halls and warehouses. Initially, artists settled there. Their enclaves became the post-factory areas of now world-famous neighborhoods like Brooklyn or Soho. Andy Warhol himself located his studio in a former hat sewing shop.

Features of industrialism in architecture are:

  • open spaces,
  • giant windows,
  • austere walls and
  • simplicity that inspires awe with its minimalism.

Lofts are also appearing in new construction. However, regardless of whether we decorate an apartment in a post-industrial interior or in an ordinary block of apartments, it is up to us to give it an industrial feel. Just a few rules and a choice of raw accessories are enough to give the apartment the right style. In addition to architectural concrete or tiles imitating bricks, you can bet on such accessories, such as metal loft legs for a table or bench. Steel and powder-coated, they will instantly give your apartment a whole new color.


Arranging an interior is a real challenge for someone who does not deal with creative works on a daily basis. But on the other hand, creating a completely new living space is an extremely exciting experience. In addition to choosing the colors of the walls and buying furniture, it is worth paying attention to the accessories that affect the unique look of the rooms. Among them you will find loft legs for tables, which allow you to match the furniture with a modern style. By choosing loft legs you give a piece of furniture a new life and make it blend better with the entire interior design.

The loft legs are made of powder-coated metal. Such materials are characterized by high durability, making them a long-term investment. They can be black, white or graphite color, so you can easily match them with almost any decor.


  • Loft V legs in the shape of an inverted trapezoid are made of steel profile with a cross section of 60x20mm or 80x20mm, painted in black, white or graphite color or clear lacquer. Precise processing makes the welds invisible, and the texture of the structure - uniformly matte.

  • Loft Trapezoid legs - made of steel profile with a cross section of 60x20mm or 80x20mm, painted black, white or graphite, or with clear varnish

  • Loft X legs - legs made of steel profiles with dimensions: 40x40mm, 60x60mm and 80x80mm in the shape of the letter "X", painted in white, black or graphite color or with clear varnish

  • Loft Rectangle legs - constructions made of steel profiles with dimensions: 60x20mm or 80x20 in the shape of a rectangle, painted in white, black or graphite ;or clear lacquer

  • Loft Straight Legs - single legs with a square section of 50 or 80mm, powder coated in black, white or graphite color or clear lacquer

  • Hairpin legs resembling the shape of hairpins, made of rods with a round cross section of 10 or 12mm. These legs come in two versions: with two or three supports. We have a wide range of colors - from black to white.


The loft legs we offer require from you only about an hour of your time to mark the place of their attachment to the countertop and screw a dozen screws into the wood. We wish that the effect will surpass your expectations, and the created table will be a real decoration of the apartment for years.