ThermoWood Cladding Board 14x300 cm - 5 pieces () - Thermowood facade laths
ThermoWood Cladding Board 14x300 cm - 5 pieces () ThermoWood Cladding Board 14x300 cm - 5 pieces () ThermoWood Cladding Board 14x300 cm - 5 pieces () ThermoWood Cladding Board 14x300 cm - 5 pieces () ThermoWood Cladding Board 14x300 cm - 5 pieces () ThermoWood Cladding Board 14x300 cm - 5 pieces () ThermoWood Cladding Board 14x300 cm - 5 pieces () ThermoWood Cladding Board 14x300 cm - 5 pieces () ThermoWood Cladding Board 14x300 cm - 5 pieces () ThermoWood Cladding Board 14x300 cm - 5 pieces () ThermoWood Cladding Board 14x300 cm - 5 pieces () ThermoWood Cladding Board 14x300 cm - 5 pieces () ThermoWood Cladding Board 14x300 cm - 5 pieces () ThermoWood Cladding Board 14x300 cm - 5 pieces () ThermoWood Cladding Board 14x300 cm - 5 pieces () ThermoWood Cladding Board 14x300 cm - 5 pieces () ThermoWood Cladding Board 14x300 cm - 5 pieces ()

ThermoWood Cladding Board 14x300 cm - 5 pieces

Reference: 44-5XTW-TS-14X300-Z

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ThermoWood exterior timber slats are the perfect choice if you dream of a beautiful and natural façade finish. Manufactured from natural Nordic pine wood and heat-treated, they guarantee durability and maintain an aesthetic appearance for many years. It is not only a decoration, but also a conscious choice of environmentally friendly material.
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No chemicals

Thermowood is chemical-free, so you eliminate harmful emissions and the risk of resin leakage - regardless of the current temperature.

100% wood content 

Nature or MDF, after all?
The answer is clear:

For the production of Thermowood slats, we only use PEFCcertified Nordic wood which undergoes selection according to specific and strict requirements.

In the end, the best choice is made in terms of both type and quality of the wood.  

The production process takes place directly in Finland. Therefore, by choosing Thermowood you can be assured that the raw material comes from renewable and well-managed Nordic forests.

In addition, Thermowood is 100% recyclable. 

Determining factor

What is the advantage? 

The thermal conductivity of thermally modified Nordic softwood is 20-25% lower than that of standard wood. 

Is that all?

Definitely not. Thermowood is also suitable for:

  • façades,
  • façade systems,
  • terrace floors
  • and many other external uses.

There is one "BUT".

We do not recommend direct contact between Thermowood and the ground.

What does that mean?

The conclusion is simple - Thermowood is perfect for structures such as external doors, external facades, windows and saunas.

Climatically versatile

Thermowood is thermally modified at 212ºC. This treatment significantly improves its properties across the whole surface of the slat.


Expanded range of outdoor applications. 

What else do you need to know? 

Thermowood does not require regular surface coating even in the most demanding climatic conditions. This makes it an environmentally friendly solution throughout its whole lifetime. 

Most importantly, Thermowood does not react to changes in humidity levels.

What does this mean?

The conclusion is simple - Thermowood is well suited to any climate, while maintaining its quality guarantee. 

Unquestionable durability

Are you discouraged by the fear of rapid wear and tear? 

Completely unnecessarily. 

Thermowood has: 

  • Second class durability (BS EN 350).
  • Approval from the Building Research Establishment, which specifies a life expectancy of 30 years when Thermowood is used as a façade or terrace floor.


Thermowood's colour will not wash out.

However, a slight release of pigment during the first rainfall is likely to occur. 

Fire is not so scary anymore

Thermowood products are also available in a fire-protected version. However, the entire structure MUST BE tested for fire resistance in every case.

About Thermowood in 9 words 


Thermowood retains its original form far better than untreated wood.


It increases the comfort of the room and improves well-being.


Certified raw material from Nordic forests. It functions as a carbon dioxide storage and is 100% recyclable. 


No surface treatment is required. Over time, it turns a beautiful silver colour.

High quality

ThermoWood has a proprietary production method. At each stage, it is subjected to quality control, which is carried out by a third party. 


ThermoWood is chemical-free, thus preventing harmful emissions and resin leakage regardless of temperature. 


It will adapt to any climate, regardless of the humidity level. 


It delights all the senses with its undeniable naturalness. 


Every step of the production process takes place directly in Finland. From sourcing the raw material to the release of the finished material. 

What to do to maintain the color?

Thermowood will turn grey over time when exposed to UV rays. In addition, small cracks or fissures may also appear. The grey effect can occur as early as 3 to 6 months after installation. 

What can you do? 

We recommend applying oil or an approved wood varnish to help preserve and maintain the original appearance of Thermowood.

Assembly pro-tips

ALWAYS use stainless steel fixings when installing Thermowood.

ALWAYS leave enough space around the Thermowood to ensure sufficient air ventilation.

The spacing of the support beams for 26 mm thick boards should be a maximum of 450 mm and 600 mm for 40 mm thick boards.

For façade applications, the spacing between slats should be 600 mm.

For installations where the screws are less than 70 mm from the end of the profile, we recommend drilling the holes with screwdrivers.

Horizontal | vertical installation

All profiles are suitable for both vertical and horizontal installation.

Data sheet

Wood - Nordic Pine
Real wood
300 cm
140 mm
Delivery range
Set of 5 pieces - 3000 x 140 mm (L x W) mm
32 mm
Recommended use

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