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Aluminum, steel and black pipes

In the first half of the last century, industrial production of pipes began as a result of the development of rolling mill technology. Rolled strips of sheet metal were formed into a circular cross-section by so-called funnels or rollers and butt-welded or overlapped in embers (also known as flame pressure welding). Due to the various processes that emerged at the end of the century to produce seamless pipes, their production volumes increased rapidly. The knowledge gained in welding technology in the meantime has again led to the extreme further development and spread of pipe welding processes. Today, about two-thirds of the world's steel pipe production is in the form of welded pipes. Large-diameter pipes for transport pipelines account for about a quarter of this.

Steel pipes - what are they?

Steel pipes or hollow sections are the so-called generic term for the product group of square, rectangular or round pipes. As the name implies, they are hollow inside and therefore have less weight than comparable solid bars.

Steel tubes - where do they find use?

Stability compared to low weight is one of the many advantages of steel pipes. Round-shaped pipes are often used in the construction of pipelines, as well as in the construction of railings. The square-shaped variant, as well as rectangular pipes, can be used to produce excellent and stable structures. Our customers have already completed several projects using these pipes. Whether it is a complete gate system, a steel balustrade or a simple table frame made of square tubes, the projects using this type of pipe are manifold.

Steel can be easily formed and welded by all common methods. During production, the material is first rolled, then bent into the shape of a pipe and properly welded at the joint. As a result, steel pipes have welds on the inside that must be considered for their intended use. Whether, for example, for frames, balustrade grates, garden gates, etc., the application possibilities are manifold.

Due to its nature, this steel is suitable for pipeline construction, and is also suitable for magnetization. To protect this steel from corrosion, coating processes such as hot-dip galvanizing or organic coating with wet and/or powder coatings are necessary.

Applications of round steel pipes

According to their geometry, our steel pipes are excellent in terms of stability. Therefore, they find many applications, such as in your home, apartment or garden, as well as in numerous other professional industries. Round steel pipe stands out as a very versatile and modern structural element and is often used by hobbyists indoors and outdoors, but also in professional applications. To name just a few examples

  • as piping
  • for exhibition stands and booths
  • for the construction of frames for tables, bookcases, benches and other furniture
  • for railings on balconies, terraces and stairs
  • for various applications in the construction of machinery and equipment

Steel as a material

Steel is an alloy that consists mainly of iron. Due to its high load-bearing capacity, it is suitable for processing in many ways, such as

  • hot and cold forming
  • rolling, drawing and bending
  • forging and welding
  • machining
  • annealing and hardening

Steel is often used in mechanical engineering. Depending on the type of steel, there are almost no restrictions on the areas of application. Due to its susceptibility to corrosion, the steel offered here must undergo surface treatment, with wet painting, powder coating or electroplating processes mainly involved.

Buying tubes

At Tubefittings - your pipe specialist, we have a large selection of aluminum and steel pipes, as well as black in various material thicknesses and diameters, which you can choose from a variety of cut lengths. At our online pipe store - your #1 choice for industrial pipes, you can search, select, order online and buy the right top quality pipes from the comfort of your home or office. Our team is always at your service with their expertise and knowledge of pipes - especially in the field of steel and aluminum pipes, as well as hot-sealed steel sections. If you have any questions or need customized products, we are of course happy to help. Feel free to contact us at any time by phone, e-mail, contact form or directly on site, and our experts will provide you with expert advice, as well as always offer customer-oriented and solution-oriented support.