Collar Plate Single Side Typ 55E, 48,3 mm, Black (Klemp) - Black Tubefittings
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Collar Plate Single Side Typ 55E, 48,3 mm, Black (Klemp) Collar Plate Single Side Typ 55E, 48,3 mm, Black (Klemp) Collar Plate Single Side Typ 55E, 48,3 mm, Black (Klemp) Collar Plate Single Side Typ 55E, 48,3 mm, Black (Klemp) Collar Plate Single Side Typ 55E, 48,3 mm, Black (Klemp) Collar Plate Single Side Typ 55E, 48,3 mm, Black (Klemp) Collar Plate Single Side Typ 55E, 48,3 mm, Black (Klemp) Collar Plate Single Side Typ 55E, 48,3 mm, Black (Klemp) Collar Plate Single Side Typ 55E, 48,3 mm, Black (Klemp)

Collar Plate Single Side Typ 55E, 48,3 mm, Black

Reference: 6080Z55E

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Collar Plate Single Side. Side adjusting screw. Fitting for panel fixing. Another big plus of the black coating is, that the color gets into the material really deeply, which prevents the connectors from corroding too quickly. The paintwork is not resistant to UV radiation and is therefore not suitable for outdoor use. The tubefittings are equipped with black colored stainless steel adjusting screws with cutting edge.

Equivalent in Interclamp / Key Clamp: 199

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The essence is in the detail and... simplicity

The idea behind our KLEMP system is to produce fast and hassle-free pipe connections.

The fittings we developed ensure versatility, allowing you to build any structure.

A fastening screw with a hex key socket provides a secure and strong connection to the pipe. Stainless steel screws are also available on request.

Simple solution

Are you dealing with this, too?

Steel and aluminum pipes are commonly used as a structural element, and like all elements, they need to be connected.

What then is the first method that comes to your mind? Welding, right? However, before you opt for this solution....

Explore KLEMP fittings, which allow you to build all kinds of steel and aluminum pipe structures without the need for welding, specialised personnel, professional equipment or long lead times.

Guarantee of efficacy

Extensive offer

The KLEMP fitting system is your partner for the construction of safe balustrades, handrails, railings and many other structures both in industry and for private use. We supply pipes up to 300 cm in length, so making larger structures won't be a problem.


We have up to 600 distinct variants of fittings available. 75 types with 8 different diameters and 3 coating options. Such a wide assortment guarantees that you will find a fitting that is suitable for your structure and that you will complete the construction without using any specialised tools.


KLEMP fittings are TÜV approved, which means you can be sure of their of safety and durability. Also, they are made of hot-dip galvanised cast iron, which makes them highly corrosion- resistant and durable.

Assembly that draws you in

You install and remove KLEMP pipe fittings with an allen wrench.

They are held in place by allen screws. This allows you to implement any design you want, no matter how complex.

Whether you’re dealing with galvanised steel or aluminum pipes – our wide range of pipe fittings means that nearly anything is possible, as long as the right diameter is maintained.

Simple construction and quick assembly also translate to significantly reduced costs of labour.

Why us?

What makes our company stand out is the fact that we have more than 10 years of experience in providing the best pipe and pipe fitting solutions to both individual and business customers.

Our qualified team of experts can advise you on the best solutions. We also provide support for your projects and we are always happy to answer any questions you have.

Equivalent in Interclamp / Key Clamp: 199

Data sheet

Size mm
E (48,3 mm)
Type symbol
Typ 55
Size "
TÜV certified
Number of Pieces in Collective Packaging
Equivalent in Interclamp / Key Clamp
Eye part
Screw Thread Type
BSP thread (ISO228/1)
Screw Size
3/8" x 12,7 mm

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Design efficiently with KLEMP! We offer access to a database of CAD / 3D / STP models of our KLEMP connectors. With the available .stp files, you can easily integrate KLEMP connectors into your engineering projects.

We also encourage you to download our complete product catalog to have a comprehensive overview of our available solutions.

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    What material are the tubefittings made of?

    Tubefittings are made of cast iron. They come in galvanized, raw and powder-coated versions.

    Is the given diameter the inner diameter of the tubefitting or the diameter of the congruent tube?

    All tubefittings are marked with a size that corresponds to the dedicated tube diameter. For example, in the case of D - 42 mm tubefittings, the diameter of the tube dedicated is 42 mm. It is worth noting that each tubefitting features a certain clearance, as the tube is assembled inside the tubefitting with the use of a dedicated set screw. Therefore, a slightly smaller or larger tube should be about fine.

    I have a slightly larger/smaller tube. Is the mounting possible with the use of your tubefittings?

    Yes, a small additional clearance (1-2 mm) can be compensated by a set screw being screwed into the tubefitting. Such clearance does not affect the stability of the final structure.

    Are the tubefittings suitable for outdoor or indoor use only?

    For external use, we recommend the use of galvanized (silver) fittings. Tubefittings in black paintwork are powder coated, but they are not covered with a zinc layer, so we cannot give a 100% guarantee for long-term weather resistance. Natural tubeclamps, on the other hand, do not have any coating, they are raw. Natural tubeclamps are easy to paint or they can be used in highly designer projects in which the customers want to achieve the effect of rust and corten steel.

    Can the fittings be painted in a different colour?

    We do not provide this service ourselves, but you can paint the fittings yourself (preferably powder coating). For better corrosion resistance, we recommend powder coating of galvanized fittings.

    What method is used for zinc plating of the fittings (galvanizing or hot-dip galvanizing)

    Galvanized fittings are hot-dip galvanized, which ensures appropriate thickness and durability of the coating

    Are hex set screws included (with a purchased fitting)?

    Yes, all tubefittings are supplied with set screws as standard. If necessary, they can also be ordered separately.

    What is the maximum load of the tubefittings

    Each set screw in a tubefitting can bear a shear load of about 600 kg per piece at a tightening torque of 40 Nm.

    We will be happy to answer all your questions and help you make a decision, but we take no responsibility for the safety of the structure.

    How are the tubes fixed in the tubefittings

    Tubefittings are supplied as standard with set screws, which can be tightened firmly with the use of an appropriate hex key.

    Tubefittings are clamped on the tube with the use of a set screw screwed-into.

    What kind of a hex key do I need?

    The following hex keys fit the given sizes of the tubefittings:

    • Size A = (21.3 mm diameter fitting)
    • Size BC = (fittings with a diameter from 26.9 mm to 33.7 mm)
    • DEF size = (fittings with a diameter from 42.4 mm to 60.3 mm)

    What are the tubefittings' threads?
    • - 21.3 - G 1/8" x 10 mm BSP
    • - 26.9 and 33.7 - G 1/4" x 12.5 mm BSP
    • - 42.4/48.3 and 60.3 - G 3/8" x 12.7 mm 19 BSP

    Why is there sometimes clearance between the tubefitting and the tube?

    This is due to the fact that the tubes may have a minimum tolerance of inner and outer diameter. This also applies to tubefittings. Since the tubefittings are made of cast iron and then hot-dip galvanized, there may be a slight difference between them. This difference is ultimately necessary to ensure that the tube and tubefitting can be connected. This clearance does not affect the strength of the structure.

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